Monday, September 17, 2012

The Very First Ever, Wake n Bake Sundays

hey ya'll! it's monday..again. all day long. and although it's rainy and nasty outside i'm still in a pretty good mood. the last few weeks have been hell. like i feel as if nothing has gone right in my life. lord it is frustrating. but i had a pretty good weekend [even though it rained all. weekend. long.] and i'm ready to tackle this week with a positive attitude. i mean that is one of my new year's resolutions. [not that i've been keepin up with them] 
maybe eventually everything will work out. 

but for now let's talk about my new goal...
i think ima make this a new thing. i'm not gonna fully commit cause let's be fo real i can't ever fully commit to anything unless it's work related. 

what did i decide to make on my very first WAKE N BAKE SUNDAYS?
strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles. 

i woke up around 9 with the urge to bake.
so i pulled out the random box of cake mix and thing of icing i had in my pantry. 
mixed it up. put the batter in the cupcake cups, and threw it in the oven.

to be clear i HATE to cook..but baking i actually enjoy. why is that i wonder? 
cooking scares me to death. if ya wanna get something outta me just hand me a pot, turn on the stove, and ask me to boil water..yea you'll get that secret outta me real quick.
but dealing with the oven isn't bad at all. hmm must be all the skills i learned as "bakery buffet girl" at western sizzlin. [my first job] i could make some pretty damn good cobbler back then..course all i had to do was put it in the oven.

case in point. with an oven alls ya gotta do is put it in and take it out. 

after ya let em cool, you can frost em and decorate em.
i have a pretty big stash of sprinkles. so had to add them.

these turned out the best. i used a lot more cake batter on these then the first batch.
[i'll have to remember that for next time]

i'm thinkin i wanna do something like this for next week's #WAKENBAKESUNDAYS:
have you done any baking lately?
let's see what else did i do this weekend.......

got myself a couple of pumpkin spice fraps.
my tank is from target.

got these little guys from kirkland's.

i worked at my hot springs store for a couple of hours.
and watched the hogs lose another football game.

i got all these bottles of nail polish fo freeeeeeee!!

so of course i had to paint my nails.
i got that beautiful shirt at kohl' can fine it here. it was my inspiration.

and that's baaasically what i did this weekend, people.
and to leave you with a few funnies...
this had me rolling. i mean i was in tears.
[big thanks to the bargain blonde for sharing this doozie] 

e-cards speak the truth.

what did you do this weekend?
i'm hoping to get back into a blogging routine..cause believe it or not I LOVE TO BLOG. not for other people, not to gain followers or comments but because i honestly really enjoy writing. and what better thing to write about than my life. i have folks ask me why i blog..well folks, that's it!
so if you are a follower or you just read this ole thang..then thanks for making me feel awesome.
you are awesome. you you and you, too.
"who cares? it's the same thing every time--i'm a butler, i'm a bellhop, i'm a stable boy. well, i've had enough. i will not wait on you people anymore. got it? good. now who wants a popsicle?"
[that 70's show]


  1. Haha, you're so cute. Your cupcakes look yummy! :)

  2. I most recently made a loaf of spent grain bread that was awesome--used the left over grains from my hubby's beer making endeavors.
    I'm thinking that pumpkin pie bread is on order soon-tis that time of year.