Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rap Stars, Branson, ohh and Life, too!

well today is september 11th.

and we all know what that means..it's a day to remember. 
a day to be grateful.
because without the day september 11th we wouldn't know how to pimp all over the world.
or how to tell a girl [you don't like] how to get out the way.
or i bet we wouldn't know how to shake our money makers without this talented man tellin us how.
who is this fella i'm talking about? [if you haven't already guessed]
sorry yall but i couldn't help myself. i mean who doesn't love some luuuuddaaa!?

ok now to get serious.
have you ever felt like your heart is in one place and your mind is in another?
i've kinda been feeling this way the past couple of weeks. i don't know what it is exactly. i have been so busy i can hardly breathe. and i'm exhausted. maybe i need another vacation...
i'm thinking...
hellloooo dixie stampede and silver dolla city!!!

ok ok ok besides dreaming about branson and wishing famous rap stars a happy birthday..here's what i've been up to..according to my iphone. [i totally stole this idea from my sissy]

first of all. i got to babysit my nephew for the very first time. 
also this little guy turned 8 months old this month. say whaaat?!? 
i cannot believe he is growing up so fast. he can sit up all on his own now, hold things with no problem, and this just in..he's pulling up all on his own. before we know it he'll be walking.
i can't wait to continue to spend more time with this little one. who knew that being an aunt would bring me so much joy. i would do anything for this little peanut!
yes, i'm one of those aunts.

i've made and donated a few gift baskets or two..

i've gotten in some neat and unique products for the stores..

yes yes i know..i clearly am addicted to picstich. get it now. you won't regret it.

found a new hot spot..50 cent wing night!

what else?
hmmm...ohh i stumped the snot outta my toe. it finally healed.
ouch! sick.
i'm pretty sure i ran over it with a cart. a cart full of merchandise. needless to say, i've stopped wearing sandals to work.

i won the boobie prize at bunko. [aka last place prize]
it's a pretty tight prize considering the circumstances.

we had a family reunion in hot springs the first weekend of september.
this is the only pic i have of the weekend..
no, that's not one of my family members. my grandpa hired him as entertaintment for the reunion.
i was able to snap one more pic from that weekend before heading back to north little rock..
i've decided to make this a game. yes. a game i play by myself. hey, that's how i roll.

ooh i finally jumped on board and got myself a blu-ray player.
whats the verdict? i'm not that impressed. it takes a while to load and i really can't tell a difference in the picture. although that hasn't stopped me from purchasing and renting blu-rays. i was a little disappointed. 
i think though since i watch so many of my dvds over and over again the blu-rays will stay in better condition for a while longer. wow i totally just over explained that whole thing...i'm a movie nerd. all. the. way.

i had to wake up at 3am last friday morning to do a 2 hour segment on channel 4 news allllllll about tailgating season. we met up at war memorial stadium at 4:15am. we sent up a tent with all the tailgate fixins. i was super nervous at first but eventually i got comfortable with everyone and it ended up being a lot of fun!
i'm so glad i did it.
yep even lil red got to make a guest appearance on channel 4.

this weekend the razorbacks played in little rock. so naturally i had to work my little rock store.
it was busy but not as busy as i was expecting it would be. i might have to do some sign shaking next game.
hey maybe we'd actually win.

i ended the weekend here. where i got asked by 6 different guys if i wanted to dance..all of which i kindly declined. i'm just not into old men, hillbillies, guys who wear their hat backwards, or ones who wear their son's abercrombie tshirts. yea. no thanks.

what have you been up to??
i'm hoping i'll have more time to do more updates. but since we still haven't gotten this store stuff down to a tee it might be a leeetal hard. ahhh will i ever be able to breathe again? here's to people out there that live stress-free lives. ohhh boy it must be nice.
"sorry, i missed the drama this morning i was showing boy genius over there how to back up a fork lift. geez look at him. that's his whole career, ya know? driving that damn fork lift. you'd think he'd wanna learn how."


  1. Chris?! How did I not know his name is Chris?? It just doesn't seem right.... ha ha!

  2. LUUUDAAA! Haha his songs are so addictive! You're nephew is adorable!! Looks like you had a productive and fun weekend! By the way, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!