Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Events

YO YO YO it is finally friday. can i get an amen? amen. 
i don't know what my plans are tonight but i already know i wanna get into something fun. maybe a few margaritas..and some streaking dancing. needless to say, i am supa ready for the weekend. when am i never?   

i'll probably just hang out wit my girls allll weekend. sometimes it's nice to just sit back and chill with your girlfriends for awhile. 
i know on sunday is bring your friend to church day and amber has already begged told us we are all going to her church this sunday. lord my ass needs church [obvi since i just used ass and church in the same sentence] it was my #1 resolution on my 2012 resolution list hmm speaking am i doing on those...? crappy. that's how i'm doing on those. point blank.

anyways, i'm rambling. 
what the eff did i want to share today?

maybe the fact that i'm a wee bit excited that halloween is literally around the corner.
or that fall is here. not that i'm a big fall person..i HATE HATE HATE the cold weather..already it's been chilly and me no likey at all. yep, i have already turned my heat on, folks. 
besides the crappy weather..i love fall. the clothes, the holidays, the leaves turning crunchy, boots, scarves...the fashion oh wait i think i mentioned this already..duh. and just all the other fun things we do during these three months ahead. 
i've already got some ideas brewing in my head for halloween costume ideas. i think i know who i want to be. she's from a movie [naturally] she's a villain and i think she would be lots of fun to go as...check out what i dressed up as last year {HERE} it was so much fun. i love coming up with my own makes every thing even more fun!

speaking of halloween and fall and such as...
i already gots me a pumpkin. fo freeeeee!
there was a dude up here at work yesterday picking up fixtures for his pawn shop. his entire truck bed was full of huge pumpkins. soooo naturally i had to ask if i could have one, fo free. he hesitated but finally caved when i batted my eyelashes. 
and i loves him. the pumpkin not the pawn shop dude..although he was pretty cute, grey bread and all. kidding, people.
or am i?
that's a big pumpkin ain't it? he's not out on my front porch yet [cause he's still buckled up in the front seat] but he will be put there tonight. i just hope some stupid kids don't come smash him. i would probably cry. literally. 

anywho i was hoping to getta post a little bit more but i rant outta time.
i will leave you with this beautiful exquisite fall flower arrangement my momma did. i swear that woman is so talented. i wish she would let me have this...
hope all you chickies have a faboosh weekend!
i plan on getting throwed chillin with my homegirls, workin a little bit [what else is knew?] and just having a relaxing weekend with my little piper ball and our house guest for the weekend, stormy. [my momma's pup]
"yeah, it must be terrible to have a rich dad and everything you want. i wish you wouldn't have said anything cause i feel like i'm gonna start crying."

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