Monday, August 13, 2012

The Full Reveal of Store #3

hey ya'll! it's officially been six weeks since i opened my third gameday store in hot springs, arkansas and i finally have a full reveal with tons and tons of pictures to show ya'll. 
the store has been doing ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! it's actually been outselling my other two stores. it makes me extremely proud because i worked so hard on it and for it to be a success is seriously one of the best feelings eva! 
[i have yet to get around to showing you my little rock store but i promise to get around to it real soon]

also, i told you guys a couple of weeks ago that we were going to start doing commercials for the stores...and yours truly is the spokesperson. eek! nerve-wracking right? well it really wasn't bad. we finished our first one and it has already been rolling on tv. i've had several folks tell me they seent me on tv already. 

if you wanna check it out go to our facebook page ohh and like our page while you're there.
i'd really preciate it. 

besides being the spokesperson, my main job is to buy/re-order all the merchandise for all three stores. once we get the merchandise in, i separate it and price it. [at my warehouse-post on it reeeaal soon] then i delivery it to the stores and put it out on the floor. 
so basically i get to shop, organize, and decorate for a living. [it's pretty legit and a blessing]

now let's move on to my third store [and baby] hot springs:
i'm really really happy with the sign. it looks soooooo gooood!
this is what you see right when you come inside.
i put housewares, gifts, and garden all at the front of the store.

the checkout counter. it's a little messy but you get the picture.

across from the checkout counter we gots the kid's section. 
we sell LOTS of razorback kiddie clothes.

i sell tons of ladies' stuff, too. this isn't even half of my ladies' shirts. 
i have so much more coming. [needs to hurry the eff up..there's lots of shirts i even want for myself.]

i love these shirts because there aren't anything like our normal football season shirts.

i always do a pretty big wall of nothing but ball caps..come football season we'll be running through lots and lots of hats.
just like ball caps, we go through a lot of automotive products during football season, also. 
like with my ladies and kids i gotta have a section for the fellas, too.

and this the view from the back of the store.
and folks, that's it! i'm just going to continue to fill this bad boy up with as much razorback stuff as i can find. 
you name it, anything with a hog on it..more than likely i have it [or i can find it] 

anyone else excited for football season??

i'm hoping to be back on the blogging that i have my own office, my own warehouse, and things are a bajillion times more organized i think i can, i think i can. 
i promise to do a little rock store reveal plus a reveal of my new warehouse as soon as i getta good chance.
the weekend was a good one for me. hoping to do a post about it tomorrow.
last week i worked late a couple of nights...i'm hoping i won't have to do that any this week but with football season literally right around the corner i know i might have to at least once.
i stayed late ordering tons of baby items, belts, wallets, and tons of new clothes. 
stayed late in hot springs trying to get the stock room a little more organized than what it was.
this is the delivery i made to hot springs. i'm tellin you i ain't playin games when it comes to packin the jeep up. [let's go lil red]

hmm now i betta get back to i don't have to work late.
what did you do this weekend?
"i'm waiting on some action to jump off. you had heard what he said, we top flight security guards of the world. not just the city, the world."
[friday after next]


  1. Congrats, it looks fantastic and you are seriously ambitious girl! :)

  2. Love it!! start an auburn store ;)

  3. The store looks awesome!! Great wood floors :-)