Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That One Time it Took Me 8 Months to Paint a Bookshelf

what's up tater tots! it's wednesday and i am finally getting around to writing a weekend recap. whats up with that? naturally, i have been busy. not with just work but fun things, too. 

let's start with friday..
i headed down to hot springs, arkansas [where store number three is located] around two o clock with a big ole jeep full of new merchandise. i stayed there till around 8:00 before heading back to north little rock.
[one of my most favorite places to be]

i didn't do much friday night after getting home at nine.
i slept for most of the day. [lord i needed that sleep] and around two o clock and i headed to my mom's to chill with her for the afternoon. we watched tv. [cake boss, holla] and ordered pizza. [double holla] 
i went to pick the pizza up [after waiting 20 minutes] but when i got pizza. turns out they forgot to make it accidentally gave it another 20 minutes later i get a free pizza. 
[this is bbq chicken favorite]

saturday night...
i got all dolled up to go out on the town with two of my best girlfriends.
just a few picture shenanigans before heading to da cluuub.
as far as the rest of the night..IT BLEW! i don't know if willy d's is under new management but the last couple of times i've gone..the dee jay has sucked! only playing songs you would hear at a wedding reception..uh can we say boring?! HELLOR! this is little rock..we like it loud and ghetto. maybe i should put in an application cause i know i have more songs on one playlist than that dee jay had on his whole ipod. 
and don't get me started on the drinks. all i'm saying is i refuse to pay six fifty for margarita mix and ice. no tequila?..i'm not interested. geez willy d's what happened to you??? looks like we'll be going across the street to bigg's..hey i'll take a 10 dollar cover over shitty music and crappy drinks, any night.
needless to say saturnight [i totes didn't mean to spell saturday night like that...but i am totally going with it] was a got-home-early kind of night. 

i woke up and got busy on some much needed housework. finally got around to doing that huge pile of laundry i still had left over from the beach. vacuumed. a lot. and worked on a bookshelf that literally has been sitting in my kitchen half painted for the past 8 months. 
i finally and i mean finally finished that dang bookshelf on monday night. lord yall i cannot tell you how happy i am that it's freakin done. not only did i get the shelf painted and in place but i also got my craft room all neat and organized. i don't know what i did before i had that bookshelf..oh i remember everything was all over the floor. it looked like hobby lobby had thrown up..shiz was everywhere. 
ahhhhh it feels amazing to have things all neat and organized.
i cannot get over the outcome. oh my world ten million times better.
here's a view of the whole room:

a break down of each shelf:
[i snagged that globe from my grandparents' garage sale]
[stole the gator head from our warehouse]
[i had an over abundant amount of glue, wooden letters, and ribbon..i need to get on some projects]

and just a couple more pics of ye ole [organized] craft room:
[my parents gave me the drafting table one year for christmas]

[i love that fake palm]

now did you guys notice these little boogers:
i made these last minute [at 1 o clock in the morning] cause i just needed something funky and colorful to go on this end since my globe made such a bold statement. 
well i don't know bout yall but i got tons of these little fellas lying all over my house:
[i don't want to just recycle i save them for crafts and such as]

basically all i did was wrap em like no body's business. hobby lobby sells several different kinds of funky wrapping paper. [i can't get over their wrapping paper HUGE..especially at christmas] 
they turnt out pretty cute, if i do say so myself.

and that's that. i can finally take "paint bookshelf" off of my to-do list.
that's a good feeling..checking things off of my to-do list. 
have you finished any projects recently?

well this is probably my last post this week. i have to get to my little rock and hot springs stores [i go to the nlr store at night] before the end of the week. and then on saturday morning i'm going to be on good morning i nervous? you betcha. let's pray everything goes well and i don't get tongue tied. 
happy wednesday loves
"the end? i don't really know how to end a prayer. the end? yeah."
[21 jump street] 


  1. sounds like a lot of fun!!
    where do you edit your pics? i really like that font and i don't think i have it in the editor i use.