Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ohhhh Good Morning, Arkansas

hey yall. soooo i had a post planned but it got to long. so i scratched it. maybe i'll post it one day. [probably not] i will say i have been working on this post all week. i have like no time now. [to blog, anyway] but i wanted to post about last weekend before this weekend gets here. ya dig. and i have a luncheon and ribbon cutting i have to attend in hot springs let's see what we got here.  

 the past weekend was a pretty good one. i did a little bit more besides sleep, sleep oh and sleep..all i usually do. and ya know, you little turtle doves, i did waay moe than just sleep last weekend. 
love weekends where i do fun crap instead of just laying around with my pillow all day. i mean i try to do fun crap every weekend but ya know it doesn't always pan out that way. [hey i live by myself, i'm not the best motivator] now i know it seems as if over the past few weeks all i've been doing is giving weekend updates and major photo dumps. sorry people, but LAST SATURDAY i did something a hella lot different from my normal saturday routine. think back to that cute relationship i have with my pillow. now that's my kinda saturday but oh no not this time, playas. 

it went a little something like this...
saturday morning...
5:45 am..hit snooze button.
6:00 am..hit snooze.
6:15 am..hit snooze again.
6:30 am..think to myself, why the hell did i set my alarm on a saturday? holy popsicle stick! i'm doing good morning arkansas this morning! pop right outta bed and start getting ready for my debut on LIVE television...all while trying not to think about the fact that i am going to be on live television. no oops can i do that one again? no asking am i smiling enough? nope. this was going to be live in front of a room full of people i don't know, talking to a person i have never met before in my life, on camera in front of thousands of other arkansans. how is one not supposed to be nervous? but regardless, i was doing this thang.
7:15 am..arrive in front of the tv studio with my old man. he throws out several different questions he thinks they'll ask me [they did not ask any of my practice questions] and i answered them the best [and shortest] way i could. 
7:30am..we meet up with beth. [she's basically our PR staff] and head inside to set up.
before you know it, it's my turn to go on. they interviewed two other shop owners and both of their interviews were totally boring. like huge snooze alert! which is something you really don't want to promote on an early good morning show. so i decided, right then and there, to be loud and outgoing so the viewers would remember me because i sure as hell didn't remember the other two shop i did it! i was loud. and outgoing. and i really hope people remembered me. 
i'm not exactly sure how to upload the video on here so you'll have to go to our facebook page and check it out.
luckily i can show you guys my first commercial:
what do you guys think?
also as you can see we have a website now..[check it out HERE] so if you live in arkansas or are just a razorback fan and there's not a gameday near you, you can find us online. [wow. now i really sound like a commercial] i also added our facebook and website pages to my sidebar. [i feel so profess]
and i'm getting pretty excited to do my next commercial. i want it to be focused around tailgating/watch parties. packed full of allll the wonderful things you need for the perfect razorback football party.
i'll be anxious to see the ideas we can come up with.
let's see..i guess now i must tell you about the rest of my weekend. after getting so many compliments and "good jobs" from several different people who saw me on good morning arkansas, i guess you could say i was on kinda a high all weekend. compliments really can give you a confidence boost. right?

so what else did i do this weekend?
well, naturally, i went SHOPPING! duh. a good weekend would not be complete without a couple of shopping trips. [am i right, ladies]
so friday night after getting off work i immediately changed into some comfy weekend clothes.
[you can get these on the gameday website coming soon. shirts and tanks..$14.99]
then it was straight to the mall. i really have been wanting to hit up victoria secret for a minute now. mainly to get these two things:
and the review? I LOVE EM!! [i got the self tan in a spray bottle, also] i swear i have been looking so tant.
you can find both of these lovely little products here and here
i also got me some moe undies and i ironically ended up spending exactly $54.00. wanna know why i say ironically? read this post.
i saw this beauty at the mall. [ahhh i'm obsessed]

on saturday...after doing the whole good morning arkansas shebang i went home and went to sleep. [up at 6:30 on a saturday will do that to ya] but i woke up later..and went to pick up this book:
yes i am just now starting book number two in the hunger games series. i finished the first one in a breeze, awhile back and just never got around to starting the second. i have not been doing good on my reading resolution. [oops] i'm on chapter three..let's see if i am still on that same chapter come this saturday..

sunday morning i was wanting to get up and do something. i needed to get outta the house. so i went to lowe's. [since hobby lobby is closed on sundays] i really really wanted to finish spray painting two chairs i have in my guest bedroom.
they were painted two different colors.
so i decided to spray paint them metallic silver. [mainly cause all their greys were ugly greys] 
[spray painting wicker is easier said than done..seriously]
how do they look?
i am almost done with my guest bedroom. i cannot wait to do a full reveal. i honestly just need two other pieces and this room will be complete.

also on sunday i hit up target. that's where i got that lamp shade in the pic above.
and i got a few new shirts:
1. open stitch grey sweater found {HERE} i got it on sale for $11.48
2. blue floral tank. yall it is so comfy. and was on sale for $10.48. find it here.
3. i love stripes. henley with 3/4 sleeves. click here for this $12 deal.
4. lamp shade. just what i was looking for.

hmm where else did i shop at this past weekend...

oh yeah. walmart. where i found this little cutie.
yes, for seventeen dollars yall. it is perfect for my room.
[no more clothes on the floor...they all get piled on this little guy.]

what a weekend. whooo. i got lots of fun new things. shopping's my favorite.
and tried new things like this:
yep that's a cheesy potato burrito..and yall it was the bomb dot com..actually it was life changing.
what did you do last weekend? you know what forget that..what are you gonna do this weekend?
as for me..i'll probably work a little bit. [what else is knew?] but gameday superstores are having their grand opening on saturday. mainly we are doing it for the hot springs store, so that's where i'll be for a bit this hot springs. [once again, what else is knew?]
"no it's not messed up, dude. it's barely even murder. i mean, it's really just kind of shaving a few years off an old man's crappy existence."
[30 minutes or less] 

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