Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fiddy Fo Dollas.

yesterday afternoon, before heading out to run the bajillion three errands i have to do everyday before finally getting back to my crib, i saw a particular email pop up in my inbox.
this email was from this little site. now, rewind a couple of months...back in may...i saw this little beauty:
you cannot tell me that this dress isn't cute.

well i even posted about said dress. but back in may..they were out of stock. [saddest day ever] so i put in an email request to let me know asap when and if they got anymore in.
well yesterday was that day. 
i went right to the website's page and saw the fifty four ninety nine price tag and immediately hesitated. i pulled the site up on my phone but didn't buy the dress.

you see, yall, i am really trying to refrain from spending money on pointless things. back in may i had at least three events i had planned to wear this little numba to. but with fall right around the corner and no fancy future events i made the wise decision NOT to buy the dress. 
right now, i can think of a couple of things i sort of need for the future that oddly have the same price tag as this dress.

toms are my staple shoe. especially in the fall/winter.
right now i have way too many pairs of toms with holes in them. i need to fix that before september gets here. now to decide on which pattern to get...

let's see what else can i get fo fifty fo dollars:
after driving across 5 states lil red is begging me for an oil change.

what else:
i've been meaning to get by victoria secret for awhile now. i need to restock on undies, lotion, and instant bronze body spray.

one more thing: [might as well make it even]
my old outdoor umbrella broke. [last year] i've been wanting to get a new one for a minute now. i'm really loving the green. i've seen them at bed bath & beyond and at target.

hmmm looks like i might be doing some shopping this weekend.
or sitting my butt up at the oil change spot.
what should i spend my fifty fo dollas on?
 "what you just said sounded like yoda took acid and walked into a business meeting."
[jeff who lives at home]

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  1. That dress is totally cute, but I think you made a wise decision- good job! I would LOVE some TOMS, but I'm also trying to refrain from spending (mostly).