Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Life Update

hellor! man, my life has been busy, yall. 

yes, my life is in full swing. all THREE of my stores are doing absolutely wonderful and football season hasn't even started. we have so many exciting things happening in the future for the stores. [including commercials] i've also got two new co-workers. a homeboy that will be helping me with all the warehouse/employees stuff. and a homegirl that will help with the website, facebook/twitter, commercials, and special rewards programs. i am super excited to be working with them and i'm sure things will go a lot more smoothly with some help.  

i cannot believe that when i started ye ole store in 2010 that i would already have a "chain" with a full staff and huge fan customer base. the hot springs store has had a hit of a opening and the little rock store is still selling like no body's business. 

also. i've gotten a bigger office! finally i promise to do a full reveal real soon. [with hot springs and hogman] when did my blog become a job-blog? i swear i feel like that's all i chat about but it's exciting! especially since i am going to be on good morning arkansas. [i'm actually super nervous] it's just really neat that i found my niche. i've struggled with that for years. and it's super neat to be so involved in both businesses that i'm running. and having an office big enough to fit both businesses is seriously a blessing. [thanks mom]


alright let's stop talkin business [story of my life] and let's talk about life for a minute. 
one life update: my chi died. completely dead. i had to run to my moms this morning to fix my hurr. i couldn't be lookin like marge simpson in my commercial meeting i had this morning. [crunchy]
and to top it all off all i wanted to do this morning was lay on a heating pad in the fetal position and think about pancakes in between soft sobs. but i had to pop 4 advil and hope for the best. luckily i feel better. [knock on wood] any one else's cramps just that horrible? whew. thanks a lot mother nature...should really be father nature cause no woman would put another woman through that much pain...

hmmm let's see what else have i been up to?
oh lil red and i pulled a trailer. hey that was pretty different. especially since the next day i had to..
park it at my crib cause my favorite maintenance man accidentally locked me out. 
luckily this was my second time pulling a trailer so i at least had some experience making big turns around a small town.

another first i had:
so. good. yall! a lot like five guys..not quite as good [in my opinion] but i think that cause i got two meat patties..there is a such thing as too much meat.

let's see. things might get random..cause that's how my life is.
OH OH OH to get totally off subject...i leave for the beach in 16 days!!! yay! the fam + our friends are going to seagrove beach with another family. we. are stoked!!

ok now where was i? ok ok what else have i been doing?
i went to the lake with some homies.
this was the weekend before fourth of july so this was kinda our celebration. 

as far as fourth of july. i ate brunch. layed out. ate dinner. went to bed. that was about it.
the fourth is one of my fav holidays..mainly cause it's the only holiday we celebrate in the summertime.
here's some pics from that day:
after layin out.
did you have a good fourth of july? 

let's see. what else? ohh little bit turned six months old. he is halfway to a year.
[my nephew, elliott]

he is learning so many new things. and just growing up right befoe our eyes.
he's been eating real food, tryin to sit up, playing with toys, scootin..a lot, and just being the cutest little boy around.
i am so proud of this little boy already. how can you not love that face.

a couple of more things..
we got root beer in the vending machines here at work.
spotted this camino on the way to hot springs.
my staple snack for the summer: fresh fruit.

**beach in 16 days people!!!**

o yeah...e got his first tooth.
painted my nails for the summer. probably gonna wear them like this the rest of the month. especially since i leave for the beach in 16 days.

last one i swear..
i hope yall are havin a fantastic summer!
i sure am. [beach in 16 days]
what's your fave summer activity?
"am i even wearing underwear in this picture? no! i remember. you know why? because i've told it to a therapist about 8,000 times."
[21 jump street]


  1. My cramps are always SO bad too!! HOT baths over and over and lots of medicines. Ever tried those heating pad patches? they're pretty good.... I put one on with a pair of pants or skirt tight enough to hold it against me. You should try it!

    Hope you are feeling better and eat some chocolate!

  2. Congratulations on your store success! That's totally amazing! I didn't know that you owned and opened them yourself. Awesome!