Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's Talk About Products Today!

howdy ya'll!! who besides me is so glad it's friday??
i already know i'm not the only one. ya dig.

this week has gone by supa fast for me. i did inventory at all three of my stores and started filming my first commercial. just the extras...i haven't started filming my speaking part [eek!] just yet. luckily i have the whole weekend to read my script [and pick out what i'm gonna wear] and get comfortable not speaking with southern slang.
so by 10:30 on monday morning i should be ready. [let's hope]


today ladies and gents i'll be talking about something other then the freakin razorbacks. 
i've had this post planned for awhile just haven't had the time to edit pictures or even come up with the body of the post. in january i had posted alllll about my makeup routine and i got lots of feedback. also some of my fave blogs to read are ones that tell me about products they like to use. i have found so many different things i end up lovin just from reading someone else's opinion on their blog. it's neat.

so like i said..i already chatted about my makeup so now i wanted to talk about my favorite other products. i might have mentioned this before but i have super super sensitive skin. i can't use anything that has a fragrant. yea all that cucumber melon, sweet pea, double bubble blast bubble bath..all that stuff never agrees with my skin. i always end up scratching the first layer of my skin plum off. not fun. 
it's been a little bit of a struggle over the years finding the right products that agree with me. 
i do see a dermatologist. [probably more than i see my actual doctor] and he has been great at suggesting great products for me to use. not sayin every single one i have tried has worked..cause that would be a straight false statement but he has helped tremendously. [thanks dr. i'm not talkin bout dr. suess]

so let's start with my face.
i am in avid wash my facer. even at 3 o clock in the morning tips from tequila you best to believe i am washin my face! most girls worry about their love handles..I worry about my blackheads. if i get one, i'm pickin at it..constantly worried about one teeny tiny pimple! i can't help it, people. the thing is my face didn't use to break out at all..i could worry about my love handles all i wanted to but just over the past couple of years my face has been breakin out. and that's when i met dr. s. first and foremost he introduced me to...
i put this mug on after i wash my face and before i put on makeup. it was a little bit pricey but i had a coupon. you can get it at walgreens. it also has a face wash with it that i used for awhile but didn't like how it dried my face up. so now i wash my face with this:
dr. s did not recommend this but i really like it. i feel that the microbeads really get down deep in my skin and gives it a good scrub. [don't accidentally snort a microbead up your nose because it burns like hell..just fyi]
so after washing my face and moisturizing with cerave i move on to the very most important thing:
i put this directly on my whiteheads, blackheads, zits, and pimples and like magic they disappear!
seriously we tried a bajillion different things and this seems to be the winner. and believe me it is quite pricey but soo so so well worth it in my book. 

another little fun thing i like to use:
i like to use this in the shower so i can give my face a good long scrub. ya dig.

now that was fo my face. let's move on to head.
this is the one product i use all the time:
oooh giirrl you got dandruff??
yes. yes i do. dry skin..remember people. 
not only does this shampoo keep my head dandruff free it also keeps it not so freakin oily. geez you'd think i worked at an oil plant. my hair gets oily and fast..but it's dry, too. i've tried so many products directed toward oily hair and i must not be using it correctly cause it's oily every. single. time. ugh. if i don't use this shampoo then i am NOT havin a good hair day. wah wah wah. 

but a lot like other girls i gotta have me some hurr products. 
my sissy is a hair stylist and she owns her own salon so i get lots of tips and tricks from her.
and she also gives me free product. holla!
here's some new goodies she gave to me recently:
i love the catwalk root boost spray and i already know i'll use the catwalk sleek haute spray since i straighten my hurr all the time. 
speaking of straightening..i believe i told you guys my chi died. well my sissy hooked me up again with this baby:
and I LOVE IT! mainly because it has a heat setting and the plates are a lot wider than my chi's were.
now as far as the brunette goddess stuff..i'm just gonna try it and see how it goes. i'll haveta let yall know.
now, another staple product for every girl is....HAIRSPRAY!
my fave right here guys.
and i think that bout does it for the hair.
moving on....
aveeno never fails. i swear they make the best products for my itchy bitchy skin. 
i just recently discovered these two things while browsing the cosmetics at kroger. [one of my fave past times] 
i've never had much luck with shaving gel but this one DOES NOT irritate my skin whatsoever. and it gives me the silkiest legs eva!
can NOT live without these. 
i just recently tried the vaseline cocoa radiant and i might be in love. i put it on after i use the jergens lotion [the best smelling lotion i've ever used] and it seriously makes my skin glow. i always getta bunch of compliments after every use. 
new staple? i think so!

well ladies that's my fave products! this was fun.
what's some of your fave products?

be tee dub..i leave for the beach in seven days!!
i cannot wait till my bum is in the sand and i got a margarita in my hand. 
&& i hope all of you's have a marvelous weekend. 
hopefully i'll getta do one more post before i head to florida for a week. not gonna promise anything cause i already know i'll be busy next week with the commercial, getting things sitchitated before i leave, and packing allll that'll need for a week in the sun. 
happy friday friends!
"before tonight, this babysitting thing, i've only ever had one job, and i was a lifeguard. i got fired after four days because i kept falling asleep in the sun."
[the sitter] 

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