Monday, July 16, 2012

Ch-ch-check It Out, Folks

oh my gosh guys, it has been waaay too effing long since i wrote a movie post. and well that kinda makes me a little sad. i love movies. i really enjoy keeping up with movies i've seen over the past few months. i mean it is my blog and i do whatev i want.

now i don't plan on posting about all the 50 or so movies i've seen in the past few months. it's probably even more than that. i try to write them down but when ya watch three movies in one night..things get a little confusing. 

i decided to break it down into two categories:
simple, right?
ight. lets do dis!

first and formost..contraband with one of my faves..marky mark.
amazing. loved every bit of it. a new favorite fo sho.

next..starring another handsome fave. mission impossible: ghost protocol
i love jeremy renner and was happy to see him playin a good guy for once.
and the beginning of the movie is pretty tight.

two movies i hadn't seen that are older movies:
i loved both of them.
code name: the cleaner is hilarious.
and v for vendetta is written so perfectly. you will fall in love with v.
[check both of them out]

need a good chick flick? i've seen some good uns fo sho.
..good deeds..joyful noise..the vow..this means war..
all good movies to watch with your best girl friends.

alright now let's move on to the cray cray movies.
believe me i've seen a good bit of them, too. there are some reedic movies out right now.
yea so these are a little different. and if ya don't have the stomach you definitely don't want to watch these.
machine gun preacher was really good and extremely heart wrenching. project x. chronicle. goon. and dark tide are extremely graphic, so just take note of that.

last little bit of these movies then we can move on to..
four more random movies you've got to see:
john carter is a good adventure movie for the whole fam. man on a ledge will keep ya on the edge of yo seat. a thousand words has eddie murphy in it..what else could you need? the sitter is just hilarious..mainly cause of jonah
[definitely rent all four of these babies]

alright alright..whew that was a lot right!? 
now let's move on to the movies that i just didn't dig.
let me start with this movie:
i had so many people tell me i needed to check out american history x..uh i could barely watch it. it was extremely graphic, vulgar, and just embarrassing to have people think i would appreciate a movie like this.
don't see it [course unless you're into violent movies then this is right up your ally]

another horrible violent movie:
rampart. i guess i shoulda guessed this coming from woody harrelson.

also here's a couple of movies i was looking forward to and they ended up being straight up duds..
what's up with that shiz?
charlize theron always plays the weirdest in young adult, does she really think that's gonna get her an oscar?
as far as big miracle and the adventures of tintin i was just super disappointed. i was looking forward to both of them and they were boring. i didn't even shed one tear during big miracle.
indiana jones just had nothing on the other three. no comparison what so ever.
the darkest hour was boring as hell. [hell is boring right?]
i will say that safe house was the biggest disappointment of all. it looked effing awesome in the previews but the movie just didn't bring it to the table like i was expecting.

the next four movies i tried to watch them several different time and could not get into them.
they were just boring. and i could never get into them...let alone finish them.
last two. i pinky swear.
jeff who lives at home wasn't that bad. i think i actually watched it a couple of time but it was pretty boring.
gone wasn't that bad either..but i did lose interest pretty quick.

i told yall i seent lots of movies lately..and this probably isn't even all of them. 
also of course, these are all my own opinions if ya don't like em..yo loss.
what's a good movie you've seen lately?

i hope all of you's had a wonderful weekend! mine was pretty good. i don't know what i would do if the sun wasn't in my life.
"that wasn't a book you gave me, it was a pamphlet! i've read menus that were longer. i read a stop sign on the way here that was longer than that!"
[a thousand words]

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  1. I love movies too. I love Mark Whalberg...could be my favorite actor. I really liked Contraband.

    This Means War was really cute too. Anything with Reese is good though.

    I've only seen one movie with Jeremy Renner. Maybe I should try this one.