Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quite a Random Array of Photos

ello there. i hope all of you's had a wonderful weekend. 
mine was a whirlwind of a weekend. i told you guys that one of my bff's was getting married this weekend..welp she tied the knot and is on her honeymoon with her hubby right now. jealous this wedding was a BIG wedding, too. baaaasically the whole weekend revolved around the wedding. [my sis' was the same way] don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun and it was just absolutely beautiful but i just don't think I am cut out to have a big wedding. [hey, i might change my mind one day] 

i took some pictures this weekend. some. gosh i just wish i would take more pictures. i shoulda made that one of my top ten resolutions. i gotta step up my picture game.

the bridal brunch was absolutely gorgeous. natalie's family did such a good job. 
she also selected friendship quotes for each of us and put them in a frame. [i'm lame & didn't get a pic of mine, glad i got to keep it]
her dress was absolutely gorgeous! super different. lately all i have been seeing is lace and poofy cinderella dresses. 
the reception was so much fun. they had a good deejay and we danced all night..well to 11 o clock, anyway. [i was just glad to get my butt on the dance floor. i hadn't danced in a couple of weeks...i think i was havin withdrawals]

after finally making it to our hotel [my group and i got a little lost] we all immediately changed into our comfy clothes. i COULD NOT WAIT to get my dress off. all the wedding party hung out to late that night.
quite the random array of photos huh. i'm just doing me. 
now i'm sure like many of you's girlies who haven't gotten married yet..yall know of some things that you absolutely have to have at your wedding. 
this one is mine:

yep. i totes will drive away in this with "just hitched" on the back.
what's something you want on your special day?

needless to say i was pretty ready to get back to dogtown and see my little pipe. i missed her. 
and it was nice to sleep in my own bed since i slept on a couch and in a king's size bed with two other people ova the weekend. no biggie. i could probably sleep anywhere.
but a nice relaxing sunday with din & a movie was just want this chick needed.
what did you do this weekend?
"yea heh heh yea i probably won't go either. no, i might. i'll probably go and just sit in the back. maybe leave early. maybe stay to the end. play it by ear, or just stay to the end.
[bad teacher]


  1. You're adorable, and I LOVE her dress. So sleek and elegant.

  2. Man i so love your hair! lovely wedding dress!! great photos


  3. That dress was really gorgeous!
    It is nice to get home after a busy weekend and just veg to the TV.

  4. looks like you had fun!! and the wedding dress is gorgeous!!