Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey Yo! Books n Bloggers Swap it Up!

whoopi i've been a little m.i.a. i know dis mayne
and i've been wantin to post and read you guy's blogs but it's been a leeetal hard finding the time. i just haven't been here. i've been working late, too. looks like i'm gonna have to stop living in the dark ages and hop on board with the rest of the 21st century and get ye ole internet. i definitely know things will be a lot easier. and i could work from home. cause that's what workaholics do i wanna start saving up to get a new more portable laptop..mine is definitely NOT portable. 

k. i didn't want to talk about work at all today and look what i did...talked about work. what is wrong with me? i don't like boring yall with my job. all. the. time. 

movin on..
i participated in a book blog swap! 
everyone got hooked up with a pen pal partner and beth & angie [the ladies behind the swap] gave us three themes to go by so we could send our partna three special books. 
1. a book I love.
2. a book i haven't read.
3. a book your partner wants.
simple. right. i was pretty excited because i participated in a swap before and it was so much fun!
[if you have not participated in a blog swap it! i promise you won't regret it]
i got hooked up with mrs. vandy j @ the testosterone three and me i immediately went to her amazon wishlist and wrote down several books she was wishin foe. 

on tuesday i came home from a very very long day at work. and i saw this pretty little thang in my mailbox.
needless to say i got crunk pretty quick. i ripped that sucka outta the mailbox and rushed inside with pocket knife in hand.
and here's the loot:
1. a quick bite [vandy's fav book]
2. cloaked [which looks real interesting]
3. to the nines [what i asked foe]

and the sweet note from mrs vandy herself:
i'm almost finished reading the book i'm working on now and as soon as i finish i plan on cracking open a quick bite first. i love me a good vampire novel.
thank you so much for my books vandy! so glad we became bloggy homegirls in the process. 
check out what i got vandy over on her blog[i hope she got her books in time..]

have you participated in a blog swap before?
thanks for hosting angie and beth! yall are the bomb diggity.
"wait, are we listing things we don't have? okay, huh, a jet pack, a girlfriend, calligraphy paper."
[journey 2: the mysterious island]


  1. YAY! Thanks for participating in our blog swap- those look fantastic. Clearly, you two have similar taste in books (double yay!), and looks like you're in for some hot summer reading!

  2. Vandy is a total sweetheart, and it looks like she sent you some books you'll really like! Thank you for participating! This is fun! :)

  3. Ohhh cool!! I wish I'd known about this swap, I would have totally played along!

  4. the books look great!!!

  5. A Quick Bite is a great book. I currently have a summer book swap going on if you would like to sign up