Monday, May 21, 2012

You Only Live Once, that's the Motto: YOLO!

this weekend was so much fun and EXACTLY what i needed. the past few months weeks i've been feelin a little stressed out and even a little depressed. i love that a weekend with my best girl friends did the trick, and put me in a much better mood. it also got me pretty excited for future summer plans. 

i am so glad a big group of us [8 girls] got to head down to hot springs to celebrate our friend natalie's bachelorette party.
and guys it was so pretty all weekend long. the sun was always out and i didn't see not a single drop of rain. score! 

so i was able to take off work on friday. and after running all kinds of errands around town like picking up two of these super tight lawn chairs...i hopped on the freeway towards spa city.

finally got there around three and enjoy some time outside admiring the beautiful landscaping that has finally been finished. as far as i know anyway.

everyone started to arrive not long after i got there and we slipped into our swimsuits to wait on the others.
i cannot tell you guys enough how beautiful it was this weekend. i was so happy we picked this weekend to all come down.

after everyone arrived and we finished laying out for the day we got ready and headed to dinner.
all 8 of us piled into the jeep and we went down the road to fisherman's wharf. 
after waiting for a good hour and a half we finally got a table.

we all got some sort of fried food.
i got..
yall. they were so. good. i didn't even touch my fries cause i was too busy going to town on dem froggie legs. yuummm i want some more like right now.

after fisherman's we headed back to the crib for some HOT TUBBING then we all passed out.
friday was a success. cha ching!

saturday we layed out the majority of the day.

and i got to wear my fringe bikini and yall i don't think i'll wear another one all summer!
totes my new favorite. i got the most awkward's a tan now. but i guess i'm not the best when it comes to putting on sunscreen evenly.

after laying around for a good part of the day we went downtown for some grub.
aka: more fried food.
we walked around and enjoyed the touristy hot springs atmosphere before heading back to the crib.
jana distracted natalie and they went to the mall while the rest of us decorated for the lingerie shower.

for dinner, i had made us reservations at the back porch grill. all 8 of us piled back in the jeep for another dinner out on the town. 
it was also supa dank. and everyone enjoyed it.
we came back to the house for the lingerie shower and some drinking games.

after a few shananigans at the house we all loaded in the jeep to head out to the bar. we had chosen early on that we would go to smiley's bar. glad we did cause we had such a kick ass time. we met some cute guys and danced all night....well to two in the morning anyway.

i'm pretty sure our gorgeous bachelorette, natalie, had a good time as well as everyone else. we definitely all wanna do it again soon. maybe the end of the summer before that dreadful thing called winter creeps up on us. 

sunday was filled with clean ups and good byes. 
after everyone left i went and saw my stormi. she had surgery on thursday and is still a little weak but i was glad i got to spend some time with her and tell her the good news about opening another razorback store in hot springs. 

before heading back to good ole nlr i went up to the new store spot and put up some coming soon posters. i should have taken some pictures but by that time my name was not carin. 
needless to say it was a wonderful much needed weekend. i am so happy for natalie and so happy that God has blessed me with a wonderful group of ladies in my life.
what did you do this weekend? anything wonderful?
[btw if you have emailed me any in the past couple of weeks, i'm sorry, my email isn't set up on my phone just yet and without that, i never check my email. soo hang in there i'll eventually get around to getting it set back up]  

and if you're a new follower..welcome! and thanks for following.
all you other faithful followers thanks for all the encouraging comments and for still following even though my posts have been a little scarce. 
love you guys!
"cause, as hard as it is to imagine, there's just not a lot out there for a department store lingerie manager."
[one for the money]


  1. Old Navy has a shirt that says YOLO haha. Love it. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Also, can't believe you ate frog legs! Did they taste like chicken?! Is that a southern thing, because I don't think I've seen that on any menus around here!

  2. That sounds AMAZING. I'm going to Baltimore for my girlfriends birthday soon, and I can't WAIT for a girls weekend!