Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Trips to Target

well hello there may! i love may. and i have lots of lovely things going on this month.

the weekend was okay. i slept mostly.
as for was horrible. ya know the saying "when it rains, it pours" that's baaasically how my day went not to mention that it actually was in fact raining.
yesterday was better. i helped my cousin process some orders. her and the other girls are working on a 65,000 dolla order for my brother in law. [thats a family business for ya third generation rules]
and today has already zoomed by. luckily i havent had too many nagging tenants. and i've been pretty busy running errands with my pops. i will say my feet feel like they may fall of at any second...lordt and it's only wednesday.
but i do have a fun post to share today. i know how much you's all of luurve target and that's what this post is alllllllll about!
let's get it.
so. i'm thinkin it's safe to say that mine and target's relationship is BACK ON! i know i'm not the only one who has a pretty close relationship with this supa tight store so i don't feel bad showing off all the new things i didn't need that i got on my latest target excursions. 

these were from two separate trips. cause for some reason i decided to go to target twice last week. oops! 
[maybe i need to limit myself to once a month]
are you target obsessed?

[trip one]

first swimsuit to buy this year. the bottoms are super cute but i didn't get them. yet. 
you can find this pretty thing {here}
i'm really digging these board shorts. great for running errands. found {here}
{love this shirt. unfortunately i couldn't find it for yall online}

and yall already know i had to hit up the movie section. target's movie sales are always the best prices. i found several dvds i have been wanting to add to my growing collection..and i got all of them on sale!
as for the second trip...the whole reason i was going in there was to get some spandex workout capris to go underneath my new board shorts so i could wear them to work-out like i actually do that
well naturally like any target trip where ya go in for one always come out with several things.

[trip two]
new eyeliner cause i was out. oh but target was out of black so i got charcoal instead.
although i like the black much much better.
**[story time] so i went to kroger to pick up a tube of black. and bought some but i guess it didn't get in my bag or i dropped it cause now i can't find it. so i went to walmart and they were also out. fine. i'll buy a different kind in black till i can find some. so i picked up a tube of maybelline's eyeliner..i get it home and come to find out i picked up navy instead of black. wtf. so i went back to kroger and got another black one. [basically i paid for three different eyeliners before i got the right one]
i've been wanting both of these colors [was gonna order them on amazon but no shipping if i go to target] so i snatched them up! i'm wearing navigate her on my toes right now.
might have to put go overboard on my fingers real soon.

and two movies that weren't on sale the first trip but were on sale the second trip.
[two favorites]
if ya haven't seen either one of these films. DO IT!!

now let's see if i'll actually wear these anytime soon..

why does target always have the best stuff??

dear target,
i swear you will be the end to my checking account
{another} hopeless addict
"if i won the lottery, i'd be like, hello hello hello. this is mutt. ummmmm uhhhh i quit."
[lottery ticket]

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