Friday, May 25, 2012

One for the Money, Yall

i have a confession...................i have been watching this movie on repeat for the past week.
seriously. yall, i have not watched anything else. [except for the occasionally television shows at my moms] this movie is just THAT good! 

see this movie is based on the first book of my favorite book series. 
yall these books are hilarious. i have caught myself laughing out loud at stephanie's crazy shananigans. she kinda reminds me of myself. she puts up with lowlifes too i mean we do carry the same gun..or at least hide them in our cookie jars at home, anyway. 

well i know yall know that some films just totally ruin the book it's based on. ya know they leave all the best parts out and add stuff that's not even in the book. [cough cough the hunger games] i'm usually pretty disappointed when a movie is based on a book and they do a shitty job at portraying the characters in the book...i DID NOT feel this way with this film. 

i thought the characters were SPOT ON!
and i'm definitely not a big katherine heigl fan but i thought she did awesome. 
morelli was perfect, too [even if he's not italian] just plain studly, that fella.
oooh and ranger was perfect. exactly how i imagined him.
loved lula. period. 
and grandma mazur, too!

naturally after watching the film i want the movie to continue on..[which is probably why i've been watching it over and over again] and they can..with the books! i haven't even come close to finishing the series. i know there's more than 18 books and i'm only on book #8. hey i'm gonna take my time to enjoy and finish this series. and i am soooooo ready for two for the dough {the second book} to come to the big screen.
how bout you? have you read this series?
have you seen the movie?

and here's some of my favorite scenes from the film. i promise not to give too much away if ya haven't seen the movie yet. [you betta see it now!]
[all the characters in this scene were spot on, too. way to go casting!]
[i like a man with a gun....when he's not pointing it at me, anyway.]
now if only i could find my joe morelli. 
till then i'll read up on steph's shanans and continue to get into a few of my own. ;)

have a wonderful memorial day weekend, yall! looks like it's gonna be one sunny weekend!
what are your memorial day plans?
"he looks like michelangelo dipped the statute of david in caramel and strapped some heat on him."
[one for the money]

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  1. I usually really like Katherine Hiegl, however I heard her horrendous "Jersey" accent in the previews, and therefore have boycotted this movie. I swear we sound nothing like that!!

    Glad you enjoyed it though! Have a great weekend!