Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have been findin dem deals!

lately i have found some really really cute spring clothes.
at walmart.
yes. i repeat. walmart. 
i have found several dresses and tanks all for under 15 dollars. at walmart. 
last weekend i hit up the ghetto walmart here in north little rock and found several must haves for the summer.
then this weekend i went to one of the hot springs' walmarts. where i hit the summer jackpot. i guess i shouldn't be surprised, it is hot springs. when i think of hot springs i think of summer and that's what the woman's section was screaming. 
the ghetto walmart in north little rock had some pretty things but not near enough as hot springs...course i'm looking for shorts and tanks not a pair of knock off apple bottom jeans [just sayin]

anyways. like i said i found several beautiful things.
such as:
i'm always down for a new pair of comfy pants.
floral tank that i wore yesterday and got several compliments.

i love reppin my state!

this dress is tight. it's black and white zebra print on one side and then reverses to plain black and the zebra stripes still show through. it's so freakin cute. this picture really doesn't do it justice.
the back of this dress is gorg! i'll have to instagram the back later this week.
oh and i got my fedora at target

also i got this little back dress at the walmart in nlr but hot springs had them also.
they have it in coral, turquoise, and black..i might needa have all three colors.
i am loving all of the crochet and hemp used in all the clothes i have been diggin.
i wore this one to a wedding shower not to long ago and it was perfect. comfy and cute. 
well.....i told you guys i got lots of fun stuff. 
yall have got to check out walmart!

well like i said i was in hot springs this weekend. i unfortunately didn't get to see bff like i wanted to but i know i'll getta see her this weekend. for sure. 
cause this weekend i have a BACHELORETTE PARTAY!! cameron, our friend kitty kat, and i are throwing a fun filled weekend for a our good girl friend, natalie. she'll be getting hitched in june..right around the corner. and so yall already know these things call for much celebration!
there will be around 10 of us girls going and yall. i. CANNOT. wait! eek! 
i'm mainly excited to be getting out of town [and responsibilities] and relaxing with some of my fav girls.

so back to this past weekend. 
my phone broke.
wah wah waahhhh.
so lame. basically my back light just went out on my phone. it worked but unless i held it just right in the light i couldn't see anything. 
i felt so lost being disconnected from instagram for a few long days.
but it's alllll gravy now. i got a new phone [iphone4] and i don't feel disconnected. as much as i hate computers...i seriously don't know what i would do without them..and i kinda hate that i rely on them so effing much. it's reeediic.
oh but i will say it's so nice having a better camera. maybe i'll actually take more pics. i doubt it

my wittle family celebrated mother's day in hot springs. [that's what my mom wanted] so ya already know i gotta see this little guy..
[i need to get this framed for my office]
i swear, guys, this little fella is gettin so big! he's gotten good at hanging on to that paci.
laying on him's tummy.
sleeping without being swaddled.
and he is constantly smiling. he seriously is such a happy baby!!
man i am so blessed to have such a sweet wittle nefew.

and lastly i have some more exciting new. other than the fact i got a new phone and i have a bachelorette weekend coming up soon...i am also excited to announce i will be opening my THIRD razorback store on july 1st in hot springs, arkansas. 
i've come to learn that when an opportunity arises to go ahead and jump on, even if you are afraid of failing.

when i opened the first store in nlr back in 2010 never did i think i would have three stores not even two years later. i originally took on the gameday superstore project because a.) it seemed like a good idea to get out of the office. b.) nobody else wanted to do it. 
when we decided to open gameday we only had the intention to be there ONLY during football season. after football season came and went we thought..why not? we'll stay open till the end of the year than close...but that never happened either. 
and so here we are with the third store. all three locations in three different cities. 
when i first started working for my family's company in 2009 i worked in the warehouse as the "stock girl" and my desk consisted of a milk crate and a plastic basket for pencils, knives, and post-its. 
i started taking care of all the rental properties after working 6 or 8 months in the warehouse. and although it is a pretty big job i still needed something more. 
so when the idea of opening a retail store came up of course i jumped at it.
and that was my opportunity.
and jumping at that opportunity changed my life. 
i LOVE my job. i LOVE what i do. 
and hey maybe i'll have a gameday superstore in your city one day. a girl's gotta have a dream, right?
[i might have never been to a football game but i am a raozrback girl through and through]
i already hired a store manager. [a dude] i'm hoping to get some signs hung up this weekend saying something like "coming soon july 1st" i gotta get the fans pumped right?!

so now that i have three stores lets see how much bloggin i do now. ha!
sorry for sucha long post, peeps but i needed to share these things with you's.
happy tuesday!
"because before you weren't doing it for you glamorous new career. you were doing it for the love of being pantsless."
[that 70s show]


  1. Lots of cute clothes and at cheap prizes! Gotta love that! CUTE baby!

    Congrats on the new store!

  2. Very cute finds!! Love the black dress with the ring!
    And MAJOR CONGRATS on the new store! If I ever make it down to Arkansas, I will definitely have to check it out!!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Congrats on opening a new store in Hot Springs. Could you e-mail me at grichards@hotsr.com? I would like to get some additional info. on the store. I work for The Sentinel-Record newspaper and wanted to get you some information about advertising before your Grand Opening.

    Thanks and Congrats!