Tuesday, May 8, 2012

THE Fringe Bikini

ello love bugs! today's post is all about the fringe bikini
i've talked about this little number a time or two. [read those wonderful posts here and here]
and ever since i saw it..i wanted it. 

i was always pinning them on pinterest and browsing at them on amazon but i didn't see THE ONE just yet. i told my sissy i was determined to have one for our family's beach trip this summer. 
well the last week in april..i finally got my tax return. whoody whoo! so i decided to buy myself something special. i didn't wanna blow my whole check cause i'm trying my little darn hardest to save my money. 
so i told myself i was only gonna buy one expensive thing.

and immediately i knew what it was.
the fringe bikini
i'd been looking for awhile and all the ones i liked were all over 70 dollas. i wanted to get just a plain black one so i could mix and match it with my other swimsuits. but amazon didn't have a black one. they had every other color you could think of cept for black...just my luck.

anyways a couple of days went by and i was wanting to just go ahead and buy one before i spent the money on something else. 
so i went back to amazon because they had the biggest selection. 
and what do ya know!!!
i saw the EXACT top that i wanted. this was it!! i was so excited i found it i think i even jumped up and down and did some silly sorta folk dancing. i LOVE the bandeau bikini style top. it's the only top i will buy. i have so many different ones. i just HATE tan lines. it drives me cray cray. to me, having visible tan lines is like showing your bra strap..something i never never ever do.

so i pushed "buy with 1 click" and the order was placed. 

ohhhhh and the wait to get it in was terrible. i literally could not wait. i thought about this dang bikini top so much i even had nightmares about it coming in and being too small or the fringe being tangled..
needless to say when i saw the yellow package on my front porch thursday afternoon i freaked out! i ripped that little package open and i bout died.

[of course i didnt buy just the bikini]

in love. it's absolutely beautiful and it really does fit like a glove. [i was so scared it wouldn't fit]
awwwww guys i just cannot cannot cannot wait to wear it on the beach or at my lake house. 

it's perfect. seriously my new favorite swimsuit.
and if you're looking for a fringe bikini go to amazon they have all kinds of different styles and colors.

so effing ready for the..

do you have a favorite swimsuit?
"like, maybe i could be an animal doctor. why not me? i like seals and stuff."
[clerks 2]


  1. Oh it's pretty! I like the blog update too! :)

  2. i do love different kinds of swimsuit tops! i'm always looking at the new ones they come out with lol great top


  3. I absolutely love the fringe bikini top!! I want a same one aswell!! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my blog anytime!! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  4. Fringe is definitely in! Good post :)) Want to follow each other doll? let me know!

    Belle De Jour

  5. I am obsessed with fringe bikinis! I'm almost finished MAKING one! PS. I have one pinned on my Crafty crafts or trendy board that you would LOVE. It's similar to this one, but blue with white fringe. It's a tutorial too!

  6. the fringe looks like it'd be so much fun running around in. congrats on finding that perfect suit!