Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eight Things for Today

yay for hump day!
this week i have already been supa busy so this will be my only post for this week. i have not only been busy with work but also with all kinds of summer shananigans with my best girl friends. 
last night we had din at town pump. [our favorite]
tonight we are going to see 21 jump street. [at the dolla movie, of course]
thursday we plan to get pedis before we head to our first arkansas travelers baseball game. 
and then it's the weekend! holla!

just a few quick things today.

1. did anyone else's weekend go by incredibly too fast?
mine did. and it's not like i even did anything that special.
just went to hot springs to ye ole lake house.
mainly just layed out. by myself ate lots of food. hung out with the family. 
and i got to see this little dude.
i came home on sunday because i wanted to spend some time with my homegirls. so we went swimming at a random apartment's pool..shananigans i tell you.
it was such a pretty day. and THIS girl is gettin a tan already. score!

2. i have to show you this picture.
cameron went to open the salsa on monday and this was the debacle that followed.
hey in the words of cameron lively..."sometimes i just don't know my own strength."

3. two words: arnold palmer.
my new fav summatime drank. [tastes even better with some stoli]

4. this dress.
i went online to order this dress and they were all out of stock! i was so sad. hopefully they will get more back in because i sent a request. [keep yo fingers crossed, ladies]

5. i officially love my iphone4.
it's ten times faster.
i feel like it's a little more organized.
ANNND i can take pics way more easily. you guys know i love to take pics but i don't have a fo real camera so i use my phone. iphone4's camera is ten times better.
and i can take pics of myself more easily....hahaha i know yall were worried bout that
also speaking of my iphone..i have a new app that i've been lovin lately.
i love puzzles and i love to spell/read soooo i found spelltower.
yall. so. much. fun.

if yall getta chance to download spelltower than DO IT! i swear so much fun!

6. hooray! it's sandal season, playas!
[got these fun sandals from tjmaxx]
i love wearing sandals. not flip flops..i'm clumsy so flips flops + sica = disaster waiting to happen.
i have been wearing them the past couple of weeks and i'm lovin it!
so. do you love sandals or flip flops more?

7. piper.

i swear her silliness just never gets old.

8. like i said this will be my only post for this week. soooo have a wonderful weekends, playa plays!
lets all get into some shananigans this weekend. maybe a little hooliganing. 
"i don't cheat on my taxes. okay? you can't cheat on something you never committed to."


  1. Oooh, you are soooo pretty. The new camera definitely shows it off better! :)

    Cute kitty, cute cute cute!

  2. Hey, book swap partner! Looks like you are a busy lady.
    I have a kitty named Piper too!
    I prefer sandals, love summer drinks of any sort--colder the better.
    Sadly the weather is not so warm here, yet.

  3. That dress is too cute! Also, I need a friend with a lake house. Just sayin! Hope you enjoy 21 Jump Street, especially Mr. Tatum!

  4. If you like games and spelling/words you need to download "7 Little Words". It's nothing fancy, but it's free and it's awesome word jumbles! I play it all the time!

  5. Totally wasn't done lol. Was going to tell you to have fun with all your homies ;) Glad you are keeping busy!