Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Overload Part 2

well well well i guess you guys can call me big talk from now on...

i just didn't have time to post on friday. okay okay actually i just plum forgot.
but i did wanna go ahead and post photo overload numero 2 this morning. 
if you missed part one read it {HERE}
i have a lot to share. i hope all of you's had a wonderful easter weekend. i did. and i'm hoping to do a easter recap post this week, too. we'll see. ya never know when i'll just forget.
ALSO i gave up target for lent. and i made it. all 40 days and nights + an extra seven days..soo those are my plans for this evening. TARGET TRIP!! my sissy and gary got me a target gift card for my birthday that i've been dying to use. 

i'm hoping, like last week, that this week will be another busy work week. cause last week flew by and i want another week just like that

anyways let's get started. i'm thinkin this will probably be a pretty long post.
also to all you new readers out there, thanks for checking out my diaries blog. yall are awesome!

last month i tried [not very hard] to keep up with @fatmumslim's instagram addiction "marchphotoaday" uhhh like i said i tried to but it was a no go. so this month i am determined to get all the way through one month. and i am going strong so far. but let's see how long that lasts

here's mines so far:

yes ben franklin makes me happy.

and since we are already chattin about instagrams here's a couple others from over the past few weeks.
do you have instagram? [follow me @j___jenkins] three underscores.

[the color of my nails. this color is perfect for spring]

[have yall checked out baby lips yet? they're my new fav thing!]

[from #marchphotoaday...fork]

[sipping margaritas. our favorite.]

and here's my fav pins for the week. 
courtesy of..

[beautiful, right?]

[another beautiful room]

what do you love to pin?

another thing about pinterest is it makes me want more and more and more.
course alotta that has to do with my shopping addiction [that i've been getting better at]

here's some things i've been eyeing that i might just have to cave and get.

[first of powered chargers..yes yes i want one]

[cute and organized nail polish i want one right now. this thing is legit]
[these two essie colors to go, please!]

[and one black fringe bikini top!]

yep. i just ordered those essies on amazon.
yall getting tired of me yet? i'm almost done.

here's two songs i've been hardcore jammin. 
the first is three of my favorite rappers and the second one is wiz khalifa who i'm in love with
introducing...rasheeda, diamond, and jacki-O

and here's wiz, snoop, and juicy j

what are you jammin to these days?

whooo! long post. hope all of yall have a terrific monday! i'm gonna go and get busy so it will go by fast.
"cause i wouldn't have been in the basement last night when she came over if we had gone to play pinball like i wanted. but you wouldn't go. so now i have to figure out my entire life cause you claim the change guy touched you weird."
[that 70s show]


  1. You're so purdy :D

    I'm following you on Instagram!

  2. The giraffe tattoo is cute! And we totally have the same dream porches. :) Happy Monday!

  3. Love the photos and you have such a cute blog!

  4. Love all these photos. Those two Essie nail polishes are wonderful and I think I have to buy them now. Oh, and that tattoo of the giraffe that says stand tall? Awesome. :)

    xx Jessica