Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Overload Part 1

hey yall! 
i've been super busy these days. and i've been meaning to update i've just have had some difficulty finding the time to do just that. what with the new razorback store and the one i already have..PLUS all my rental properties, tenants and it being rent week..le blog has been thrown on the back burner. so my posts are probably gonna start to be a little scarce. don't worry, i'm still here, and reading your blogs. unfortunately yall just won't be hearing from me as much. waaaaaaaahhh i know! bummer. but right now it's for the best.

i have so much to update.
that i decided to break everything down into two posts. and then break those two posts into categories.
so here we go!!

let's start things off with one of my absolute favorite things.

elliott, my nephew, is three months old today! wow. it has gone by so fast. before i know it he'll be 6 months old..and then a year old. and yall i can't say it enough he is THE CUTEST little boy ever!! ahhh his smile is just precious.

it's been really neat watching this little cutie pie grow over the past few months. 

he already has such a sweet personality.

he looks just like my sister [especially in this pic] when she was a baby.

i can already tell that this little guy is going to be very photogenic just like him's mommy and daddy.

yep. it's gift basket season. i've already done a couple and i know come may there will be even more.
and i'm okay with that. keeps me busy and creative. two things i very much love to be.
here's two i did last week.

i always gets so many compliments on them. but in all honesty, it's super easy. 
especially if you have all the right resources.

i said earlier that i've been busy with hogman. [my 2nd razorback store]
&& we did decide to name it: HOGMAN'S GAMEDAY SUPERSTORE eeek!
i can't wait to show yall the artwork for the big sign outside the store. it is so freakin tight!

i haven't started to set the floor yet. the demo is done. i'm just waiting for the boyz to finish the construction. and THEN it will be my turn. as for now we've just been going through all the merchandise.
one thing about old man hogman was he was definitely not a buyer. i like to buy a couple of something first, to see how it sells and then i might buy 36 more noooot 937 more...
which is what this fool did. there are several different items like : rulers, notebooks, stockings, stationary, boxers, license plates..that he bought excessive amounts of...WHY???

like these record albums.
seriously?? did he really think that vinyl records were gonna be around forever!?
[i shoulda timed myself to see how fast i could put them on the pallet]

there's around 100 or more of these little dudes. last time i checked we were the razorbacks..

soooooooooooo i have you's guys seent any good movies as of late.
you know your homegirl has. my cuzzo katie and i have been trading movies. cause she has lots and i have lots. hey free movie rentals! i'll take it!!

yall. here's one of my newest favorite movies. i watched it for a week straight. [nope not lying]
i ordered it on amazon as soon as i returned the movie.

loved it. amazon sells this film for $5.98 so go order won't regret it! so. good.

and here's some other films i loved:

yall. rent this one, too!

have you seen any good movies lately?

i am constantly pinning or saving quotes i find on pinterest and other blogs.
i swear i love a good quote..but yall already knew that i'm sure. if you read this blog everyday you definitely know it.
here's some favorites.

i love every single thing about this.

i think it's safe to say we all LOVE food! 
but do yall take pics of your food like i do?
i can't help it. if it looks tasty..i want to document it.
here's some of my latest food photos:

[my grandmommy made that cake and it was perfection & kroger bakery made the cookies]

whoooo what a LOOOOONG post!
that concludes the first part of my update. please by all means come back tomorrow and check out the rest.
i won't disappoint.
tomorrow's topics:
..fav pins..
..i want it, i want it..

THANK GOD [tomorrow] IS FRIDAY!!

"see, as i see it, why get out of bed when you can read about people who got out of bed."
[that 70s show]


  1. 1. Your nephew is killer cute!

    2. I TOTALLY take pictures of my food! Haha

    3. You are one busy girl! Good to see ya around though.

  2. I am a new follower I love you blog !!! :D -Samantha!

  3. Elliott is too stinkin cute! And quite the ham!
    Nice work with the store! Seems to be coming along well!

    I haven't seen any of those movies! But adding to my Netflix queue! I recently saw "Just Wright" (Queen Latifah and Common... fluffy but cute) and The Life of David Gale (Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, and Laura Linney)- if you like movies that kinda mess with your head, I would recommend. It was nothing like I was expecting, in a good way!

  4. Oh ya, I'm so following your blog! I love your style here!


  5. Vinyl records of WHAT??! (also yeah...I collect vinyl, don't knock it ;P )