Monday, April 23, 2012

Operation Shoe Organization

a couple of weekends ago i decided to organize my INSANE shoe collection.
i had shoes in my little small closet that dated back to the 7th grade.
i had shoes that i had only worn once.
and shoes that i used to wear all the time but don't anymore.
a bunch of shoes i couldn't even put in my closet cause i've run out of room. i was just so tired of there being shoes EVERYWHERE! i felt like i was shoes.
and i was.
shoes in the bathroom, shoes in my room, shoes in the guest bedroom, shoes in the hall, shoes on the porch, shoes in my jeep, even shoes in my office.
they're everywhere! help! something had to be done about this. i was up to my earlobes in shoes.
so after a pep talk and a couple of deep breaths i started....


i went in that closet like a black ops agent and had that mug cleaned [ok maybe not "clean clean"] and organized in no time.
ahhhh i can finally breathe again.

yes. i am one of those fools who keeps her shoes in the original boxes. to me it looks more organized and it allows me to keep them separated. because with me, if i dont have some kind of organization than everything would be in piles.

i am the perfect definition of organized chaos.

these are the three main areas i use for shoe storage.
i told yall things were gettin outta control.

i decided it would be way easier on me to have them put in three different sections.
i wear flats the most [and i have the most of them] so thats why they are out of the boxes and put right in front of me to see.

i can't tell yall how good it feels to get all my boots up off the floor and put together.
they were beginning to be such a hassel. [especially my uggs.]

i swear i had shoes stuffed anywhere i could put them.
it feels nice to have everything put away in it's very own spot.

i have about six pair that i'm getting rid of.

shoes i should give away. but i mean i just never know when i might need a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of jazz shoes...

i got this idea from the bargain blonde. the magazines really help to keep them mugs skraight.

everyone goes through a coach hightop phase, right?

tons of good times in these. tons. i wore these basically everyday in college.
they've gone through lots of mud, puke, and blood. oh i bet these shoes have seen it all.
i'm gonna have to break these bad boyz back out for the summer.

lots of good times in these shoes, too.
they clean, right? probably cause i've only worn them twice

ahhh it feels good to do some "spring cleaning" maybe i need to do some other closets. my guest bedroom's closet is starting to get out of control.
course, that might be cause that's where i chunk all the stuff "i should give away"

have you done any spring cleaning?

"been something? whoa. you're talking to the interim assistant weekend manager of housewares here, okay? yeah. show some respect."
[that 70s show]


  1. I see that converse shoebox!! go all stars!! i seriously have a low number of shoes! i have one set of heals, one set of work shoes and two pair of tennis shoes and thats it lol oh wait and of course my green chuch taylors!


  2. Oh boy have I done Spring cleaning!! So far the kitchen, living room and garage are DONE. I need to organize the closet room, but that seems so daunting!!

  3. Wow. I barely have any shoes! LOL. Spring cleaning always feels so nice though once its finally done. Your stripped red and black vans shoes are AMAZING. I want a pair. Haha. ;)

    xx Jessica