Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping's my Favorite

i LOVE to shop! i do i do! i love finding great pieces that fit my wardrobe. or trying out new makeup or a pretty new bottle of nail polish. or finding the perfect piece of jewelry that you're pretty sure was made specially for you.

now. i admit it. i have a problem.

i try my hardest not to spend money. but i don't know how people do it. i try my very best to just stay locked in the house but there's just something about a shiny welcomey store that always and i mean always lures me in.

target. kohl's. and tj maxx.
every single time it gets me. i really don't think i could go in any of these three just to "look around" i always end up buying something!
most of my favorite things come from one of these three places. no i'm not much of a mall fan...it's too much of a hassle. but with these department type stores, i can go in and look at all kinds of different things from furniture, clothes, decor, jewelry, and shoes! 

recently. yep recently i have hit up all three of these places. i did okay on the spending and found some really great things......which i am going to share right NOW!

whoop whooop!

let's start with kohl's
i went to kohl's the day before easter in search of an easter dress. 
when i left i not only had my easter dress but two new tops and a new pair of shoes. go figure.
here's what i scooped up:

my easter dress. found {HERE}

super comfy tank [that i'm wearing today] found {HERE}

super cute rock & republic tank that i can't wait to wear! found {HERE}

i also found these pretty shoes:
which i later returned when i found some other orange shoes that i liked better. i'm trying to keep my shoe game under control.

and that leads us to...tj maxx
where i found the other shoes i liked better

now these were a little bit more expensive but i really really love em. they look a trillion times better with jeans than the others did..and let's be fo real ima wear jeans more than skirts.

and they kinda reminded me of this pin:

i can't wait to wear em.
while i was heading to checkout a little somethin somethin caught my eye.
these super comfy fishtailed aztec tank that just so happens to match my shoes perfectly.
and it's 12.99..score! i snatched it up, too.

not only do i visit the tj maxx in north little rock..i also hit up the one in HOT SPRINGS!
where i found these new favorites.
the candle holders. which i got for 7.99 each even through the big one was more expensive. but the girl didn't check so i kept my mouth shut. 
the other things i already had. i've been wanting to re-decorate my coffee table for some time...these gave me the right inspiration.

here's a before pic
[it's way more me now]

also at the tj maxx in hot springs i found a new favorite pair of sunglasses.
another 12.99 score that i'm super happy with.

moving right along to the big target trip
i gave up target for lent and i made it the whole way! [maybe i need to give up all three next year]
here's the loot i went home with:
the hungry games...which i'm almost through with..probably finish tonight.
new tank cause target tanks are the best.
some concealer cause i was bout out.
and here's the elf products [elf stands for eyes, lips, and face]

new foundation brush. i had one but it wasn't as big as this new fav.
i also got another eye brush cause i figure you never have too many and they are only 1 dolla.

this was the first elf product i "discovered" and i love it! it works better then any of the expensive ones i have tried and it's only 1 dolla!

i use this for my smashbox high definition powder that i've grown to absolutely love!

and last something that i've read about on several other blogs and knew immediately i wanted to try it. 
i love how it feels on my skin. buuut i HATE the pump bottle..i haven't gotten it to come out of the bottle since i bought it. i really don't like pumps so i probably won't re-buy this one..we'll see.

wow. yall i told yall i got lots of new stuff! 
have you gone shopping lately? get any good stuff?

also something happened to me that never has...i had to buy a new bottle of onyx opi black nail polish cause i ran out of mine..never have i ever been able to make it through a whole bottle of nail polish. maybe it's cause black's my favorite color.

luckily kroger has started selling opi and i can't help but throw place a small new bottle in my buggie every time i go and stock up on sweet tea.

welp that's it for today. hoping to hit up target again this week with this:
i though i had lost this mug but my cuz found it and i already know a couple of things i need want to get.

do you like target, kohl's, or tj maxx?
"i'm sorry, but if you're hanging out with this crowd you gotta know that eventually your pants are getting pulled down."
[that 70s show]


  1. LOVE your orange shoes!! So CUTE!
    I love to shop but I am ridiculously concious of money and feel super guilty when I spend to much. So I love to shop with my hubs because he is SO good about buying stuff and not feeling guilty :)

  2. Okay that rock and republic tank top was made for me :) lol Seriously I can see myself wearing it like every day lol it fits me even lol


  3. My name is Jessica too, and I'm a Target addict :) Like for real. Every time I go in, I think I'll get one thing...nooooope. I leave and I have two bags and I wonder what happened, once again.

    The Hunger Games is a wonderful series :) I'm reading Catching Fire (second one) for the 3rd time !!! xo.

  4. Don't we all have some kind of a shopping problem, but I'm more for mall shopping though :)

    And I love those shoes you got from TJ Maxx! I wish we had TJ Maxx in Sweden, I always go there when I'm on vacation in the US though!