Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey Diddly Diddly Day

it's friday it's friday it's friday hey diddly diddly day! it's friday it's friday it's friday hey diddly diddly day!
i've been singing this all morning. i love makin up new tunes whenever i can.
oh happy day. the weekend is here and i got lots going on for it, too. yippee ki yay mother....okaay so i'll stop right there. i have much to post today. lost of instagrams to unload on my blog. [i'm mildly extremely obsessed]

are you obsessed with instagram?

let's start with this little numba..shall we?

[day 13]
i went to target last week and wanted to use this gift card i got for my bday..but i couldn't find it..found it three days later in my jeep. [story of my life]

[day 14]
typical saturday for us.

[still haven't taken a good photo for day's the only one i've missed so far]

[day 16]

[day 17]
they scare me with their carelessness.

[day 18]

[day 19]
that's animal-istic by opi.

and now for just some plain ole instagrams. [i just can't get enough]

he's so handsome.

dessert at bunko. yep it was AMAZING!

me, my momma, sissy, and little e met with my grandmommy to eat lunch and celebrate her birthday.

it was fun. and glad i got to take off work for a couple of hours to join the fun.
[i love you]

boy just keeps on growing.

washed the jeep yesterday. and will ya looky there it's raining today...why do i even bother?

well like i said i got a lots going on this weekend. 
hoping all of you have a terrific weekend!
got any fun plans?
"the problem is i need forty hours to get on the insurance. if i don't get on the insurance it's probably gonna end up costing us around $20,000 to have the baby. so we'll probably have to sell it."
[tower heist]


  1. and who isn't? hahaha
    your cat is soooo cute!


  2. Is it weird that I really like the car wash pic?! It just looks so cool. And the flowers are so pretty!

    So what did you use to write on the pics?? Inquiring minds need to knooow!

  3. Great photos! Your family is presh...especially that little nugget!

  4. Great photos! Oh my goodness, I get so excited when going through a car wash. I love all the pretty colors of the! It really brings out the inner child in me. Oh, and I hate 18 wheelers, they are so creepy and I hate being stuck next to them lol. :)

    xx Jess