Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For my Daddy

today's post is short and sweet.

you see, my daddy is in haiti right now. so i wanted to dedicate a post to him. not only is he my dad or my boss, he's also one of my best friends. and i am so proud of him for stepping out of the american comfort zone to reach out and help another part of the world.

in haiti he has been with a small group of men. their mission is installing water filtration systems in the mountains so the people can have water. water. [something i'm sure we all take for granted.] 

the people in haiti have cell phone towers because they can make money off of them. but orphanages and even water are hard to come by.. 

i seriously cannot thank God enough for giving me such a blessed life. i am so thankful to have a house, clothes on my back, food in my belly, and an amazing group of people who shower me with love.
there's so much that i take for granted. [owning a car, a closet filled to the brim with clothes, hot water, my very own toilet, air conditioning, and being able to basically have everything within reach]
please keep my daddy in yalls prayers. as he reaches out and does something i'm kinda scared to do.
and let's all continue to keep the people of haiti in our prayers.
"the LORD is near to those who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth."
psalm 145:18

hope you all have a wonderful tuesday all day long!
daddy, i'm so proud of you, praying for you daily, can't wait to see ya and hear allll about it. 
[ohh and i love you]
"well just remember, hon, if things get too hot, just turn up the prayerconditioning."


  1. Ahh, your daddy sounds amazing. You are lucky to have him! :)

  2. What your Dad is doing is truly amazing. This post is definitely a reminder to, like you said, not take things, like water, for granted. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and by the way, the nail polish in my tid bits post is OPI's "Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink"! Haha. Silly name. Thanks for your comments! :)

    xx Jess

  3. "Prayerconditioning"....That is SO cute! Your dad must be a WONDERFUL man. This is such a beautiful thing <3 I hope to do something like this in the future!

  4. What a sweet post! I'll be thinking of your dad. It certainly takes so much courage to change the world!

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