Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bye Bye Picnik and Petrino

it's officially official. 
picnik is gone. and i am sad. 
unfortunately my blog's photos won't have that picnik picturesque look but i am going to still find a good photo editing site to continue giving my blog some FIRE!
i'm sure google will pick up several of picnik's tools..but to me it just wont be the same. but like record players, surge soda, and steve jobs..things just don't last forever...dum dum dum 

just a quick razorback update.
i'm sure lots of you's have heard the scandal over our coach, bobby brown petrino..who unfortunately is no longer the coach for the arkansas razorbacks. yes, this is a little crappy, especially right before football season buuut the right decision was made. 

you would think a little fiasco such as this one would kinda be a downer in the business department but it hasn't. LIKE AT ALL.. if anything business has picked up. both stores did over 700 dollars this weekend, which is incredibly awesome since we are still in our off season. 

i've still been gradually getting all kinds of fun merchandise in from the dallas market and i've already been splitting it up and giving some items to hogman. hey if we're busy might as well have good expensive merchandise out. right?

well anyways things are in full swing at hogman and the construction is about done. 
i got the window display done yesterday and the astro turf carpet is finito.
i guess you guys can already tell that today's post is all about the razorbacks.


the metal garden statues we got in from star imports. i already know these are gonna be a big hit!

bye bye astro-turf! hello ceramic tile! hogman's used to be a doughnut shop. we plan to cover the tile with lament hard wood floors.

gameday's donation to AA.

a truck full of razorbacks.

vintage gold ring i scored at hogman's. there was two left!

building the display window.

hogman's window is 10 times bigger than gameday's so this was a bit of a challenge for me. but hopefully once we get more items in the store it will get easier. i've already got a couple of ideas in my head for how to do it next. i try to change em up every three or four months.
i did gameday's again, recently, that i'll have to show yall.

now. for some random photos just so you non-razorback fans aren't totally bored.

clock i saw at hobby lobby that i want. reeeaal baaaad!

i want this outfit!

finished reading the seventh pretty little liars novel. this series is getting so juicy.

[at autumn's star wars party]

i love her hair and her sweater.

just a little story...
i'm one of those few people who use sweet n low in their coffee..i'm not afraid i'll get cancer..and i won't drink coffee without it. i drink most of my coffee at work. like all the workaholics a couple of weeks ago i brought myself a new big box of sweet n low for up at work. it's not something we keep supply of like sugar so i always have my own. 
weeelll i was just leaving the box in the top cabinet over the coffee bar. it been safely hidden for weeks until i came into work one morning and saw this:
guess someone else thought it was okay to make my sweet n low the community sweet  n low...

one more thing:
got this off of snoop dogg's instagram.
i'm thinking instagram is starting to take over!

thank the lord we're one step closer to FRIDAY!
"we dont have the cash to get into a bidding war. according to my investment guru, "if you know you can't compete, you may have to practice deceit."" 


  1. Um that black one shoulder Razorback dress is presh! Do you have a L? Would it fit a 10/12? I would REALLY like one!

  2. Love your window display... and that outfit! Cute!

    I just learned today of a Picnik-like site called PicMonkey... looks promising!

    P.S. I would totally get that metal hog if I had a yard. Justsayin.