Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Top 5 Reasons Why I LOVE Spring

this post will be short and sweet. {i promise}
i took my post down from yesterday because i don't want this blog to be about complaining. plus one of my new year's resolutions is to stay positive and that includes my blog.
see my blog is actually a pretty big part of my life. i have so many friends and family that read it. it's really great way to keep them informed on what's going on in my life. i'm so busy. and a lotta the times when i get off work i just go home and watch tv till bedtime {9:00} because i really am just sooooo tiiiired.
so instead of complaining on here about how something didn't go right or how that one person just got on my last nerves..i want my blog to be positive. just like i want my life to be.

so. if you read my post yesterday, just ignore it.
[shout out to susan who did read it, and left me a sweet comment]

today. like yesterday i wanted to post about my top 5 reasons why i LOVE spring!
i'm pretty positive spring is my favorite season.
i don't know what it is but i absolutely love it! and i am so glad it's here to stay.

my first reason i love this season is

shorts and tanks
i hate sweaters. they're itchy, hot, and just plain uncomfortable. for me i wanna wear as less clothes as possible. call me a slut crazy but the less clothes the better. i can't stand being hot {not that i ever am} and being uncomfortable makes me cringe.
give me a pair of sandles and some shorts with a comfy tank and i'm a happy {and positive} girl.

next on the list is...
lake house weekends
my family has a lake house in hot springs {where my bff lives} and in the spring/summer we are up there all the time. i love spa city. i love my lake house and especially all the good times and fun memories that go with it. we went last weekend and it was just a nice relaxing weekend. i'm hosting a bachelorette weekend there in may. and yall. i cannot. wait!!

maybe this year i can go out on the boat more than once.
course maybe {hopefully} our boat won't sink like it did last summer....dum dum dum.

next on my list is...
all the pretty flowers
they are everywhere, people. although the pollen is everywhere, too..i still am LOVIN all the beautiful plants that bloom in the springtime.
i've been snappin pictures of them any chance i get.

[i snapped this one at my lake house]

[i was passing my church and i had to stop and get a photo of these beauties]
{they seriously caught my eye, i reversed, parked and got me a pic..i want these in my yard}

next up.
topless jeep rides
i cannot tell you guys enough how much i love my truck. yes i'm one of those weirdos who kisses their car goodnight is totally in love with their car. i can't help it. there's so many reasons why..but i'll save all that for another day.

all i'm saying is i plan on doing a lot more of this:

and even some of this:

can you go topless in your ride?

and lastly. and one of my most favorite reasons why i love spring is...
getting to be outside
there really is so much more to do in spring and summer than in the fall/winter.
and after spending like 20 weekends cooped up in the house; than yall already know it's good to bust out and get some freash air. i could just be sittin on my porch talking with one of my homegirls and that's way better than sittin inside. to me anyway.

oh oh and i love eating a meal outside.

i'll be anxious for movies in the park to start up again.

oh and i am SO READY to get back on my bike. and when i do it's on! yea. it. is. sooooo on!
i love to ride my bike.

what gets you excited for spring?

this will probably be my only post this week. been kinda having a wirter's block. yall know how it is.
have a good rest of the week friends!

"i don't know. i just heard the word "promotion" and i got a little dizzy and sort of blacked out. it was awesome."
[that 70s show]


  1. You are precious! I love getting to wear dresses in spring! Hooray!! They are my favorite!

  2. i think Louisiana skipped Spring and went straight to summer! The days have been very nice and I have planted a few new things, though!!

  3. well complaining is also part of life! and i truly believe that when you say something to someone or write it you feel much better! so.. :)
    love your faves! ah how i love spring ;) xx

  4. I was so confused the other day- I went to click on the post and it said error! I'm glad you're feeling better though!

    I just wrote about things I love about spring the other day! Specifically- baseball season/Spring Training, shorts/tees, and just being outside! Movies in the park is so fun! Love your pics!

  5. All of the above get me excited for Spring! I'm heading to the beach today and SO excited about it!! Woohoo for Spring!

  6. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)
    Please take a look at my blog and let me know if you wanna be fashion friends!

  7. i love this post and so excited for spring! yes definitely shorts are a must, a lake house you are so lucky and fresh flowers of course. so many reasons why i love spring too