Friday, March 23, 2012

So Glad It's Friday

YAY it is finally friday. the week went by fast and i am so glad it did. i've been busy all week working on hogman and it's worn me out! there's just SO MUCH STUFF! but i'll getta just hang out for a bit while the guys work on the demo. clean my office day cause my office looks like this:

yep a freakin hot mess. my pops told me i needed to clean my office today...and if he's tellin me to clean my office than it must be pretty bad.

as usual i'm just gonna show off some random pictures.
..instagram..iphone pics..pinterest finds..
you know the drill.

my dad, unc, and i went to one of our vacant warehouses to meet a possible tenant and this was in one of the rooms. [my grandpa's old old old office from back in the day]
i definitely already claimed that plant. and one of my favorite maintenance dudes is gonna pick it up for me next week. i kinda want the chair, too, but i don't wanna turn into a furniture hoarder...

this is the back door at hogman's. it's covered head to toe with all kinds of razorbacks.

old school hoghat at hogman's. it was covered with bullet holes...i don't even want to know..

the basket i did for the turkey confederation.
i bought that bucket at the tractor supply store and then put a hog sticker on the front and back.

it might be time to purchase a new trash can.

my tulips from my nephew are still pretty. i had to tie the together so they wouldn't droop.

old school golf clubs i came across at hogman's.

although it's been a little rainy the weather here in ye ole arkansas has been FABULOUS!
i come home from work and piper zooms back to the bedroom window. i open that window and she'll chill there for the rest of the night.

speakin of piper. that silly goose ate a whole strand of ribbon.
{i usually don't post nasty gnarly picture but this was crazy, i'm so glad she was able to throw it up}
sick. i know. hey at least YOU didn't have to clean it up.
poor pipe, ribbon is for presents.

i've still been playing draw something. it's fun playing with my friends. i have like 8 games going right now. lol.

and here's some of my fav pins:
my mommy finally booked are 2012 family beach trip! we are going with another family, too. so it will be a big group. yall. i am so excited! july 28th can't come fast enough!!!

i supposedly got a bike rack for my birthday.....but here it is friday and still no bike rack..
yea i'm a little disappointed but maybe next week..i just hope next week i'm not saying the same thing.
{{hint hint mom and dad}}

i've been seeing lots of this "tango orange" and i'm really diggin it.
if only i could pull this off.

love these wall decals.

well i am going with the family [minus my dad and bil] to hot springs this weekend!
i'll be ready to shop even though i'm broke eat good food, hangout in the hot tub, sleep in, watch movies, and see my bff. i just LOVE hot springs.
have you ever been?

i hope yall have an awesome weekend, dudes!
i'm hoping to catch up on some of yall's blogs today while i work in the messy office and pop out a couple of gift baskets.
do you have big weekend plans?

"my grandmother used to say, "what's better? a good plate with nothing on it? no, wait. i messed that up. "what's a good plate with nothing on it.""


  1. Oh my gosh! I love Draw Some, I'll be adding you..

    Girl take the chair, I'm SOOO jealous, I love that style!

  2. Wow that chair is amazing! So many cute photos!
    Good luck with your office ;) xx

  3. So many amazing things going on this post, where to start? That ribbon in the poop... WOW hahaha The bike print, adorable :) haha and yes, my office looked like that recently too! happy to have finally cleaned it :)

  4. OOooooh lawsy, that office, sister haha one of my girlfriends is a RAZORBACK too!!!