Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Saint Patty's Day kinda Birthday

woooah. where has the time gone? yall. i've been a busy busy bee the past 5 days or so and it's cray cray.
as far as my birthday weekend, it was freakin awesome! i got to hang out with all the people i wanted to hang out with annnd i got lots of super great presents. can't go wrong with that.

and yea hogman has started to take up a good bit of my time here at work but i promise to give you pretty flowers an update real soon. because it's going to be so freakin cool when i'm done with it.

but i wanted to do a recap on my birthday weekend. even though we are already halfway through the week and closer to yet another weekend...hopefully a sunny one.
one good thing about having your birthday the day after saint patty's day is all the celebrations that happen.
[even though a lot of people go out of town for stupid spring break]

my birthday weekend started off with a bang card.

from my bestie cameron. i LOVE getting things in the mail.

on saturday morning i woke up bright and early. [9am is early for me] to get ready to go to the saint patty's day parade downtown. i pulled out the one green shirt i had and got ready for an eventful day.

i had painted my nails dark green the night before and had some green beads leftover from some party.
my homegirl misti and i met up at my house to head dowtown together.
we got there 2 hours before the parade and headed to a restuarant to get a bite and some margaritas.
we had fish and chips and met up with cameron before picking a spot on the street to watch the parade.

we had so much fun at the parade. there were all kinds of different floats and tons of irish river dancing which i continued to imitate from the sidelines

here's some of the pics from the parade:

seriously there were probably 15 or so corvettes all in a line.
next year they need to wittle it down to five
there were a tooon of horses.
after awhile misti left. and cameron and i headed to the irish bar creegans to join in on some more festivites. we met up with our friend amber and her boytoyfriend, blake.

we had a BLAST! the atmosphere at creegan's was seriously so much fun!
there were so many people there and it was definitely a huge party.

we had to get a pic with one of the dudes wearing a kilt.

after being at creegans for a couple hours we all split and cameron and i went to TOWN PUMP chyeah!
where we split a bbq cheeseburger [one of my most fav sandwiches] had more margaritas plus green beer.

we stayed at pump for the rest of the night. our friend amanda met us up there and we talked and laughed about the good ole days. more and more friends continued to show up and it was so much fun getting to see people i hadn't seen in a while.
needless to say when midnight hit cam and i were preeetty tired. so we headed back to nlr.

what a perfect saturday right?
the next day i woke up and hung out around the house till noon. i was exhausted from such an eventful saturday. i got a sweet call from my bff and she was the first one to tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. later i met up with my little family at casa mexicana for my birthday lunch.

after lunch we all went back to my ma's house for cake and presents.

i got a new bike rack from my parents.
target giftcard from my sis and bro in law.
some tulips and a foreva giftcard from my nephew, elliott.
and a giftcard to hobby lobby from my grandmommy and papa.

[look at that sweet temp tat on my arm]

after chillin with the fam i went to my cuzzo, katie's house, for some pool and movie watching.
we had so much fun goofin around. i freakin love pool and even though brandon (katie's bf) kicked our butts it was still another perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

i can't tell you guys enough, how happy and truely blessed i am to have such a wonderful family and friends. i thank God every single day for putting such great people in my life.
if you were one of the several that helped make my birthday weekend special THANK YOU! even if it was just a simple phone call or a text i felt extremely loved.
plus everyone should feel special on their birthday.

and as for you bloggy friends, who left me such sweet comments on friday...thank you! you guys definitely know how to make a girl feel special.
what did you do fo saint patty's day?

"well, i spent all morning kicking back thinkin to see what came to me. but all that came to me was a great idea for a movie that now i just can't remember."
[that 70s show]


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And you look freaking gorgeous! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a super fun time! So glad you got to do some of your face things! The parade looks cool too- I went to a parade, but there were no horses, Corvettes, river dancing or even bagpipers! I was a bit disappointed about the lack of bagpipers, but at least there were some men in kilts ;)