Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 6 and a Weekend Recap

ello little lovebugs.
did you all have a terrific weekend?
mines was pretty low key but still pretty terrific. i love weekends where i have no agenda. no schedule. i can do what i want to do..when i want to do it.

on saturday i slept for a good part of the day. the past week i have just been exhausted. i guess feelin sickly will take it outta ya.
i feel better. i just feel real tired...
anyways i left the house later in the afternoont to pick up some supplies for a project.
hobby lobby was crawlin with crafters on saturday. but i got in and got out with the supplies i needed.
went to walmart and got chinese before heading back to the crib.

[my chinese grub. yall already know i got two egg rolls, too]

i decided to just chill the rest of the night. i swear i was running on e or something.
on sunday i woke up and met my parents for church.
one of my favorite verses was talked about in the morning's sermon.

"be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ forgave you."

yes, i've heard this verse all my life. it really means something to me..but i don't think i take it and use it in my life i should. i'm awful at holding a grudge..and forgiveness doesn't come easy to me but i want to work on it.
i want to work on it when i'm on the freeway yelling at the stupid big rig to let me merge.
i want to work on it when i roll my eyes at the cashier who cards me for buying a lighter an r rated movie.
i want to work on it with my co-workers...and yes, even my tenants.
so here i am putting a fresh foot forward [is that a saying?] and aiming to be kind and compassionate.

okay now that i'm done with that little spill.
after church and one tasty arby's sandwich i went back to the crib for some crafternoons.

a couple of weeks ago i found an old baker's rack back in the warehouse here at work.
my family's company also happens to do fixtures..which means we got all kinds of furniture. i have a bookshelf i aquired from fixtures in my project pile, too.

 pretty awesome for free, right?
him's matches my backporch furniture so that's where he was gonna go.

all i needed was a couple of cans of black spray paint.

[i probably shoulda put down some newspapers.....i'm a dummy]

now i had this little guy painted and placed in the right spot. sooo i just needed to decorate him.
[my favorite part]

decor supplies.

i'm hopin to find a fun springy plant for this zebra print pot.
i got the pot from hobby lobby for like 30% off of 9.99. and then just bought a plain ceramic saucer and spray painted it black. so simple.

i got him at savers awhile back but hadn't had a good spot for him in awhile. i bought that fake plant for like 11 bucks [fake plants are effing expensive i guess cause they live forever]
just needed to add a couple more things. i also wanted to use this little rack to store some crafting supplies like: spray paint and sand paper. little things like that.

ahhh pretty. it will look especially good when i find the perfect plant for the zebra print pot. i havent found one i am totally in love with..yet.

i'm sure you guys saw this little project:

i promise to do the full reveal and step by step instructions tomorrow. it turned out amazing and i really love the eclectic look it gives to this little baker's rack.

so. did you do anything fun outside this weekend?

"you know, it's like the freedom and the wind in your hair. obviously the image that i want. but then the other side is, like, mopeds are scary, so count me out."
[bad teacher]


  1. Love the repurposing! and that chinese food is looking delicious. Your blog is too cute! Newest reader :)

  2. That's super cute! I dig it!

    And that food looks sooooooooo good!

  3. That looks awesome! I wanted to do something like that, but it is just too windy around here. I really like the tutorial you did for that tier stand, so maybe I'll just make that ;)