Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Talk Hogman

last friday i told you kittens about a big work project i have going on right now.
and let me tell yall again..this IZ a BIG PROJECT!
i'm excited. it's gonna be lots of hard already has been..and you guys getta hear allllll about it.

my family and i just bought another razorback shop but in a different city.
i live north of little rock hence my city's name north little rock.
i told yall the place was a mess. and i'm still wondering how he was able to stay in business for thirty years...who knows?
first things first we had to clear eveything out to get it ready for demo. [it needs lots of demo]
don't worry junebugs i took pictures!

this is what we started with. dude had been hoarding stuff since 1932.

NOTHING was organized. there was merchandise everywhere, all kinds of different and very random machines, and half of it dated waaay back before my time.

this was his office. let me tell yall it was disgusting.

this was considered their break room. it was also disgusting.

this is the entrance to the sales floor. yep customers can see straight back into the back room...sick.

this "nook" is behind the cash register. it's filled to the brim with merchandise but customers aren't allowed to come behind the counter. they did this because "there was no more room on the sales floor" psssh. no, that's called laziness.

more grossness.

and here's the awful sales floor. they basically just threw merchandise on those red shelves.
[don't worry ima change it]

it took us about three days to get everything separted and out of the way for demo.
we threw tons away.
brought a bunch back to the jenkins warehouse.
kept the good merchandise at the store.
donated a lot of it to the LR police dept garage sale.
and the rest went into the fixtures warehouse.

this area will eventually be part of the sales floor.

no more "front office"

we put all of the stock stuff in the small hallway with the restrooms. i plan to rip those cowboy doors down and put up a curtain. cause lets be fo real we don't need a public restroom the fans can go to the damn gas station across the street.

whew. yall. the past couple of days have been crazy busy. i still need to go back over there but i'm behind on a lot of gameday and landlady duties that i'm having to play catch up. PLUS it's gift basket season. i did a huge one yesterday for a my homie, misti and the turkey confederation. it looked tight.

so needless to say after april has come and gone i will be in full swing getting everything ready for FOOTBALL SEASON! [most of the gift baskets aren't due until may]
i can defintely say I LOVE WHAT I DO!

do you love your job?

"ohhh, forget him, man. trying to guilt me into walking around more because he's in a wheelchair."


  1. Are those old cheerleading outfits in the first pic? My goodness what a lot of stuff! I bet you could get a bit of $$ for some of that old "vintage" machinery, even if it's just for parts.

    Looks like you took a huge bite outta the clean up- great work! And can we see your basket?!

  2. WOW, what a mess! I know you'll whip it into shape and make it faaaabulous in no time!

  3. Oh man looks like you had a lot of work to do, and still more! Good luck with it all! :D

    xx Jessica

  4. My, my! What a mess. Good job getting it back in order. Wow...