Monday, March 12, 2012

How am I During?

does anyone else remember this jam by mase? no? have any of you even heard of the rapper, mase?
hmmm..i get this song stuck in my head a lot, dudes.

wooo hadn't listened to that in a minute.
well i am back from my busy lazy weekend.
and unfortunately i will not be talkin bout rap music today. aww i know. sad.
toooodaaay i am going to be chattin about my new year's resolutions.
recapped last month and would like to continue to blog about my progress, areas i need to work on, and add a couple of smaller monthly goals, too.

so lets get going. 

[numero uno]
attend church more often.
i have been doing great on this one. i feel myself getting closer to God and i have really enjoyed listening to him speak to me during a sermon. and guys my prayer life has also continued to grow stronger.
i am so thankful for every thing God does in my life.
isn't he amazing?

get involved in the arkansas food bank.
i've continued my research on this goal. what i found out was that most churches donate to the i can buy food and just drop it off at one of the churches in my community. my church is probably a partner, too. also i wanna volunteer maybe a couple of times this summer at their warehouse.

respect my co-workers.
i still feel i have been going pretty strong on this one. there might be a few selective folks that i don't really get along with...but in all honesty, i've just been ignoring them. i know that's not really respecting but that's the best i can do sometimes.

wheelchair jimmy drake knows what i'm talkin bout.

do at least one project a week and blog about.
i've been on the ball with this one guys! considering we have had eleven weeks so far and i'm on project seven..that's some MAJOR progress.

recycle, baby!
once i started i just can't stop.
i have way less trash now.

wear heels more often.
i've been doing great at this one, too! i wore them this weekend, actually. that's when i get to wear them the most often is over the weekends. yall already know i'm not gonna be tramping around a warehouse in 6 inch heels.

save my money and cut out useless spending.
and this is where things usually go haywire.
unlike last month...i did a little better this month..

i bought a couple of little furniture pieces.
ohh and of course more decor.
annnd a couple of clothing items such as:

new pair of jeans from kohls. i swear i go through jeans like i go through socks.

my newest most favorite sweater!!

wore these dudes yesterday for the first time and i am totally in love.
can't wait to wear them with cut off shorts and a tank top this summer.
you can find these boots {here}

hoping this month's spending will be a little less.
i gave up target for lent and i am trying my hardest not to buy anymore decor...course that could change when the new kirkland's opens up.

[figure eight]
stay positive.
gradually getting better at this.

[ni ni nine]
work on my around the house to-do list.
ehhh. i haven't started on this one at all. oops! i figure i'll work on a lot of it this summer.

[annnd ten]
read at least one book a month.
in january i read four..and in february i only read one.

hey at least i reached my goal.

this summer i will definitely be gettin down to business on a lot of the goals.
except for the spending..i always spend more in the spring/summer. hey it's margarita season

have you been accomplishing your goals?

....also this just in..i have 95 followers. seriously best. monday. ever!! thank you thank you for following.
yall iz tha bessst!
i am finally special

"oh great. now we're getting tinkled on. tinkle on the windshield, that is officially the grossest thing that has ever happened to me."
[a very harold and kumar christmas]


  1. Great goals!

    I so love wedges. I know friends who hate them, they're strictly into Pumps, but you know what-wedges are cute AND comfy! :)

    P.S. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but your CAPTCHA sucks! lol-removing it may help people want to comment more. :)

  2. How CUTE are you?? LOVE this post!
    You've inspired to me to start recycling... seriously! And I totally want to start wearing heels more!

  3. Congrats on keeping up with most of your goals! It's really hard, isn't it? But looks like your doing a great job!

    Good luck in March :)