Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday

needless to say..i'm pretty ready for this weekend to start. it's been kinda a fast week since i've been busy with tenants payin dey rent. which i definitely 'preciate.
another thing i 'preciate are all of you who follow the landlady diaries. i get so much inspiration from all kinds of different blogs. soooo it makes me extremely happy that i can give out some inspiration to you little snickerdoodles, too. ya feel me?

ooh lawdy! i went and did a cycling class last night and it literally kicked my ass. i'm tellin yall my butt is so sore. i knew i shoulda worn my bike shorts but i didn't wanna be lookin like a hotshot loser with my big bootay padded shorts on up in the gym right next to the bball court..[where all the hotties hang out] i'll have to next time, i can't be walkin around lookin like somebody threw me down the stairs.

so i've really enjoyed these totally random posts i've been doing the past couple fridays. some of my favorite blogs i read are ones that do totally random full of fun photos and funnty quotes thrown into one big long post. so that's what my fridays will continue to consist of. plus it kinda gives me a boost to get off of the couch out of the house and do something over the weekend!

so let's get the boogie ball rollin here..

so i don't know bout yous guys but i have been seeing lots and lots of swimsuits hitting all my favorite hot spot clothing shops. and it's definitely got me crunk for swimsuit season. i know a lot of people dread it and i do too since i'm not in the best shape at the moment but i love buying new bikinis every summer. hey, i have a lake house..i'm supposed to have thirty several different swimsuits. and this summer i WANT a fringed bikini top!

ever since i saw this one:

in the movie paris when it sizzles [with audrey hepburn] i've wanted one! this movie was made in the 60s. and yall know, i love anything vintage inspried.

so i pinned a couple:

and though i haven't hardcore looked online yet..i am determined to have one for my family's beach trip this summer. i actually found a top at delias that i definitely am gonna have to rock while laying in the sand gettin my tan on.
found {here}
what do ya think?

alrighty lets keep this topic! INSTAGRAM. my favorite topic
i'm sure if you are already on instagram you might've heard of a little thang called #marchphotoaday.
if you haven' it is:
[so sorry for the blurriness]
but baaasically you just take a pic of the noun matching the date. simple and fun. it's cool seeing what other playas come up with. i haven't totally kept up but here's mines so far:

and here's some otha instagrams:
still lovin the accent nail trend. [last week's nails]
my little nephew rockin a mohawk.
it was my little cuzzo's birthday yesterday and i got her a basket filled to the brim with goodies.
[more on this later]
we celebrated march birthdays at work yesterday WITH CAKE! [my birthday is in 10 days]
and the color i painted my nails last night....
it's "merino cool' by essie and i swear it's even better outta the bottle.

that's my instagrams from the week. if you have instagram..then follow me. i will definitely follow you back.
you can find me at j___jenkins [three underscores]

oh, pinterest.

i have found you to be very very handy.

i just get so many fresh ideas. so much inspiration. so here's what i've been pinnin this week.

after spicing up my electrical outlets i saw this. a must. sugar and spice make everything nice.

another project i have to do. my homegirl, angie, put this on her blog. for me to find it
i am constantly dealing with these little boogers...throwin them in a drawer isn't cuttin it. the cabinet doesnt work either....ugh it gets frustrating. this would = problem solved!

i neeeeed these shoes.

and lastly...i'll leave you little lettuce heads with some of my favorite "quotes" found this week.

sorry this was such a long post but i always have so much to talk about right before the weekend.
and to all you people out there that read my diaries..THANK YOU!
and remember...

have a crunktackful weekend friends!

"because we were just killing time with those classes. one semester, we took criminology. what the hell were we trying to be? batman?"
[30 minutes or less]


  1. Ummmmm I NEED that blue bikini. NEED IT.

  2. A blogger with some humor??? New follower here... I love all of your bikinis you posted I def. Feel inspired to keep losing weight ! Instagram is my addiction.... So more less drama than fb lol

  3. Those wedges are really cute! :) Nice pics!


  4. You inspire me too boo! Especially those rope wedges. To.die.for! I also MUST have a fringed top asap. I must have it in my summer wardrobe ;)

  5. Nice pictures! Love your Blog

  6. Your nephew is too adorable. And snugly.