Friday, February 24, 2012

What a Week

wow. what a fast week. i would say it's been kinda stressful but the weather was just so nice. it wasn't like i was just extremely busy. cause i wasn't. i was just on the phone way more than usual.
talking to the gas company because they say we supposedly didn't pay a bill.
[pssh they lie i tell ya!]
dealing with late renters telling me excuse after excuse why they can't bring me the rest of their rent.
..yada yada yada..
dealing with other company's over shipping merchandise without all the pieces.
hi..we didn't get the legs for our razorback coffee tables??
and i dont even wanna show yall the huge stack of work-orders we got going on...
so i guess you could say i was busy. good thing i got over that talking-on-the-phone-phobia.
it's nice to have job security.

well needless to say i am glad it's friday. even if the temp has dropped a bit.
i tried to post yesterday but blogger was being ignant and not letting me type at all. stupid.
so it will be random. but full of that makes up for it right. right!

bathroom photo shoot.


sunday was my sister's birthday. we went to eat at gadwalls. i got a cheeseburgular, of course. and it was seriously amazing. then we went to my momma's house for leftover cupcakes and presents.

her first birthday with little e.

my sissy, who is also my hairstylist, went back to work this week after having elliott. i'm pretty sure a lot of shaggys were ready for her to be back.
including myself. my hair is too long. i don't like it at all. i was trying to grow it out and then right when it starts getting warmer chop it all off..not all off but off my neck anyways.
i would like some color too but we'll see.
i was thinking about somewhere along the lines of this:

yes. this will happen.
i think it'll look real great with this outfit. i have to re-make. i love everything about it. well minus the necklace and huge bag.
ex-nay on the necklace and i would trade that suitcase for a smal tan clutch.
hmmmm. yes please.

the b-e-a-utiful end table i found.

got him too. [more on it later]

new project i am working on. can't wait to do the reveal.

i must make one of these.

the week's cute kitty pictures. grace and piper. no they do not get a long

one of my faav-or-it kind of sammiches.

can't wait for more days like this.

and on to the funnies for the week.
i don't know if yall have ever checked this site out but it's hilarious. so funny.
here's some of the doozies that really made me shake my head and giggle.

i need him.

these were so popular when i was in the 7th and 8th grade. you were not cool unless you had a purse made out of an old pair of blue jeans. it had to match your blue jean jacket. duh.

have a wonderful weekend. and remember...
DNA dont lie.

"that's a really good question. i want a snoopy sno-cone machine, and a delorean. i want the wu-tang clan to get back together.....oh and by the way this is just for my stocking."
[a very harold and kumar christmas]


  1. i love the first cut in the photo! it looks amazing! i'd go for that!


  2. Umm, I pretty much need to have that turqoise jewelry stand/tree. Where did you spot it? Pinterest, ha?

  3. I am itching to get my hair cut too! I have seen that first picture before and actually given it to my hairstylists for haircuts in the past. It's definitely a good one!


  4. Great blog, I love it so I'm now following it=)
    It's awesome:)<3