Monday, February 6, 2012

Tim is Goin Down's OFFICIAL.
i have officially been beat up by a mannequin.
a dude mannequin at that.
now let's take into account that he is a hella lot taller than this shawty. he pushed me down. he pinched my fingers. and i'm pretty sure he broke sprained my arm. i have three big bruises on my right arm. another one on my right shin. and two on my left leg.
and let me tell yall...I AM FREAKIN SORE.
like my legs hurt and my right arm fo reals is messed up.
in turn this little fight kinda messed up my weekend. it put me in a weird mood friday night and made me lazy on both saturday and sunday.
yep. i didn't do shiz on saturday and sunday. like absolutely nothin. i absolutely hate when i do that.
so i am blaming my whole worthless weekend on tim the mannequin.
it's his fault that i was lazy. it's his fault i didn't work on any of the four projects i have in the works. and it's his fault that i didn't go to church..
i got back at him though. his plastic ass had to sleep on the porch all weekend.
atleast i was at home snug in my bed

who needs mannequins? they're creepy anyway.

surprisely though i actually did get outta the house on saturday. i mean i had to get a large and in charge box of mozzarella sticks. and hit up the movies.
so after getting my arby's on, i hit up family entertainment. my fav place. next to hobby lobby
is it sad that they know my name there? naaa. that's just good service right?
they also know my name at my fav gas station and my fav bars...

sometimes you wanna go
where everyone knows your name
and they're always glad you came
you wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
you wanna be where everybody know your name.

thanks, cheers. that's exactly how i feel.
hmm looks like i am gettin a little off track....i mean it is monday.

unfortunately they didn't have very many movies in that i haven't seen. now that is kinda sad.
but movies are my shiz. i'm sure i would feel the same way about tv.
one of the movies i rented was:

i seent a trailer for this like just last week. i was so intrigued. especially since it is based on true events.
based on a true story kind of movies are always the BEST kind of movies.
and another good thing is it has this handsome fella in it..
he plays a detective.
like this guy..
how is it that detectives are so hot.
i had to talk to two detectives a couple of weeks ago they were trying to track down an ex tenant of mine and they were both studs, too! hmmm must be a detective thing.

anyways..texas killing based on true events. in the texas bayous, three detectives team up to investigate a series of unsolved murders. several victims throughout the years have been found in the deserted fields just outside texas city, texas. these detectives help solve these murders.
there are so many amazing actors in this movies but one that caught my eye is my soulsista, jessica chastin.

she plays a snappy detective who doesn't take shiz from nobody. not even her ex-husband who is played by sam worthington.

isn't she just gorgeous?
and isn't sam just a hottie?

i am lovin these two together. and it looks like the directors are lovin them together, too.
i got to thinking and i was like uh wait..i swear i just seent a movie with these two as the stars.
and i did. this movie:

eh. i wouldn't recommend.
but i would say go and rent texas killing fields. you will NOT regret it.
and you getta see these two. [who i wanna see more of.]

and if this movie just doesn't do it for ya..than check this one out.
i promise you won't be able to stop watching.

have you seen any good movies lately?
happy monday. thank the lord it's almost five o clock

"here on earth, we call this place the town. a town is a place where everyone hates you. kids all try to beat you up."
[joe dirt]

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  1. It's so funny that we both did movie posts! You getting beat up by a mannequin? I feel for ya, but that is just too funny not to giggle!!