Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Lovely Treats

well ladies and gents. valentine's day is quickly approaching. i've been seeing all kinds of projects, treats, and activities goin on all ova yalls blogs. [i have a couple vday projects of mine own in the works, too]
i've been seeing advertisements for chocolates and trailers for sweet vday rom coms..and i swear pink and red is everywhere. even on my nails

and although i am a single gal i still love me a good valentine's day. even though most of the time i spend it on my bed eating chocolates i bought myself.

but i dont dog on the holiday by any means because it reminds me of all the love that i do have in my life. like my family, my friends, my neighbors, my roomie, and my co-workers.
i know i should remember all the love i have all year around but i think having a holiday that's based around love is something we all need..every once in awhile.
last year i gave my co-workers little treat bags. kinda like we kids do at school. i loved gettin valentine's treats from my schoolmates when i was little. so why not make them for my big girl job?

so i have been looking ova pinterest to get some good treat ideas.
and boy did i find some ideas. lots.
here's some of my favorites:
[hoping to pull off one of these for ye ole co workers.]

peanut butter and honey chocolate pretzels.

chocolate covered pretzels.

heart shaped rice krispie treats.
[possibly the #winner]

chocolate covered oreos. ummmm can we say heaven?

special made treat bags with a clever sayin on the side.

[although i doubt i'd be up for makeing 60 or so cupcakes..with my 12 count pan..]

are you making any special treats for valentine's day?

"no. married? they're not married. they're sitting on the same side of the booth. that is not a married move."
[date night]


  1. Ya know, I have never been a fan of Valentine's day either way, but the way you describe it...yeah, I can get on board with that!

  2. I buy myself flowers for V-day. But I dog on the holiday. Haha