Friday, February 17, 2012

They See Me Rollin'

hey yall! it's another one of dem fridays everybody talks so much about.
why are fridays always the best days?
like yesterday, it feels wonderful outside again today. which is cray considering it was snowing on monday.
ohhhh that's arkansas weather for ya. always changing...never consistant..kinda like rihanna's hairstyles

anywhoo..i have some plans this weekend. oooh shocker!
nuthin too cray cray just a lovely little baby shower for a girl i knew in high school. i'm helpin my ma host it at her house and i'm gonna make a wreath kinda like the one i made for my sister's shower and also make some cuppycakes. yum.
i think i've decided to do some like this:

i thought about doing white sprinkles but when i saw this pic i knew him's was the winner.
i can't wait to show you guys on monday. the last time i made cupcakes they were a huge i gotta try and top it of course.

i'm also hoping for some pretty weather this weekend so i can work on the bajillion projects i got going on. i have two big pieces of furniture just chillin in my kitchen. i've been wanting to fix them up. i've just been lazy but the weather has prevented me from gettin shiz done.

okay well i just decided like five seconds ago that on fridays i'm gonna do my instagram update.
i love instagram. do you?
if you have this amazing little app than follow me. i will mos def follow you back.
[[my handle: j___jenkins...that's three underscores]]

cat statue i bought at hobby lobby it was 30% off $10.

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes a co-worker made.

got my first birchbox package in the mail. i was pretty stoked. [more on that later]

the cute totes we got in at gameday. i got me one.

i make mix tapes cds for myself and my friends. all. the. time. i make a new one every couple of months and pass it out to all my girlfriends. this is the first one of 2012. and it is so. good.
[let me know if ya want one of my mix tapes ;)] lol.

goodies i got from my old man daddy for valentine's day.
why yes. that iz an entire bag full of candy!

got a box o chocolates from my sweet grandparents. it was a nice surprise.

ohhhh just my birthday told in time.
yes. i am weird.

the candy dish i won at bunko. second place. holla!

i mentioned this little guy on monday and on tuesday my momma gave him's to me for a little valentine's present. see...dreams can come true.

so this big boy has a story. i've seen him at hobby lobby several times before. but fifty bucks?! that's just too much in my book. so. glad. i waited. yesterday i got him for 66% off of $ yall know i fear suck at math but lets be fo real..we all know i got a deal. [my catchphrase]

gots a deal on this one, too. metal is on sale this week at hobby lobby.
50% off off $20 for this little beauty. i hung her in the guest bedroom.

now this instagram update wouldn't be complete without showin yall a couple of pics of the cutest nephew i've ever had.

getting to see this little guy smile is one of the best feelings. i swear he is so stinkin cute. am i right?

sorry but this might be a long post.
i just wanted to show yall my new obsession. this is officially me confessing...i love pinning kitty pictures.
there. i said it. whoooo. that's a load off.
seriously you guys i have a problem but there's so many good ones. why are cats so cute?

[this is so piper]

i clearly have a problem. but you can't tell me you're not smiling right now.
and cats aren't the only cute animals out there...

ahh i swear i could pin these little animals all day.
but i'll stop now because i'll get outta control.

and lastly. i promise this is the last bit. a funny bit. i'm in a scattered mood today.
i'll leave you with these funnty "quotes"

and this is what i'll be rollin around in allllll weekend.
please..sip your haterade somewhere else.

"this girl know about all the new snacks before they even hit the street. all the bootleg snacks."
[next friday]


  1. i always love your new posts! even tho imay not comment on all of them, i promise i'm reading ;)

    especially the cat photos!!!

    as you are aware, my cats are my world.
    they are such lovely and adorable creatures!

    happy friday hun!

  2. Hahahaha you're hilarious. Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Your nephew is too cute! And Wow- way to wait it out and get the bargains!! You have such patience haha! Oh and yeah, mix tapes were my absolute favorite- definitely miss those! Hope you're having a great weekend!