Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper Covered Electrical Plates [project #5]

chello chello. last week i showed you guys some projects i had in the works, including this one. i saw this on pinterest and thought what a freakin easy project. [literally that's what i thought.]
so i set out to hobby lobby to get my supplies.

[the supplies]
scrapbook paper
double sided tape
flat head screwdriver
exacto knife

i had most of these just laying around the house. as for the scrapbook paper i knew i wanted to do leopard print. hobby lobby sells a trillion different scrapbook paper prints. there was even three different leopard prints to choose from. also, they were on sale. i got 10 sheets for 59 cent and 50% off of that. yes! i love gettin things on sale.

first you wanna take your standard flat head screw driver and take all your electrical plates [including switchplates] off the walls. if yours are painted onto the wall like half of mine were then just use you flat head to scrap pop them from the wall.

trace around outlet. it doesn't have to be perfect.

cut outlet shape out with scissors.

i left a little bit on the side just in case.
using the exacto knife cut out inner holes.
[i used a magazine to cut on so i wouldn't cut up something that i didn't want to cut]

should look somethin like this when you're done knifing it.

then cover with double-sided tape.

stick onto plate and smooth over.

trim around edges.

and then punch in the screw. and it's ready to be put back on the wall.

i am tellin yall every single one of my plates had paint on it. every. single. one.
so in a way my electrical plates needed this little makeover.

guys. i cannot even begin to tell yall how amazing they turnt out. i mean they look like i actually went out and bought leopard print plates. which i did some research online and most decorative plates cost anywhere from 6 dollas to 12 bucks. IN..SANE.
and i probably had around twenty. 20x$7.00=$140 daaaaaammn

so i did the math people and covering your outlets with cute leopard print can either be $140 or $2.03
which one would you choose?
i'm pretty sure even the queen of england would choose the second choice..i mean she could get some servants to be on the "electrical plate maintenance crew"

they looks so great with my chocolate brown walls.

what do you think?
i am definitely gonna have to do these in my other rooms.

"oh! it's gross! oh, i keep looking back at it, thinking it's going to be less gross."
[knocked up]


  1. great little fixer-upper project! adds definite pizazz to the place! xoxo

  2. What a GREAT idea! We rent, so maybe I should by some new plates to decorate and then just swap them every time we move! I always want to decorate, but can only do so much, since it isn't "our" house!

  3. I have this project pinned too! So glad to see that someone has tried and conquered it! They look great, and I'm feeling even more inspired now :-)

  4. These are precious!! I love how they really spice up something otherwise boring!!