Monday, February 27, 2012

It was a Wine-Kinda Weekend

ello guys and dolls. did everyone have a wonderful wonderful weekend?? wow. let me tell yall i sho did. it was just perfect. the weather was great! even though it was a tad chillty. just gettin outta the house and doing something was just marvelous. [let's see how many adjectives i can use in one paragraph] the winter prevents me from getting out and doing a lot of things. i always wanna just stay inside..alone..where it's warm.
nope! not in the spring/summer. i want to be outside.

this weekend i went to spaaa city, baby!
spa spa city.
spa spa city.
aka hot springs, arkansas, for you folks who don't know what the heck i'm chattin about.
my bestfraand lives there. and my family also has a little lake house down in dem parts, too.
i love having the privilege of getting to "live" in this city...occasionally.

anyways i went to hs this weekend mainly to see this cat:

we are just two peas in a pod.

soooooo...what did we do this weekend you ask??
well. hot springs is also very know for it's horse races. oaklawn you might've heard of it. anyways stormi lives not even a mile from this little sporting event. so after dropping her hubby off we headed to eat.
what? you thought we were going to go? nahh that wouldn't be our style. maybe next time.
no. stormi and i had other plans. you see we'd rather spend our money on a buffet..not just some horse.
yep we hit up king's chinese buffet [one of our fav places]
and i went down town on some chinese grub.

yuuum. i wish i had some riight now.

after polishing off our ice cream cones. we decided to hit up the flea market that was right next door. this flea market was huge. we found some super cute and super cheap clothes right away. but since i'm trying to refrain from spending money i opted out on buying anything.
we hit up a half and half store also and found some amazing sweaters but opted out on buying anything there as well. whew. i did it. i knew i could walk away.
we headed home for a quick break and to decide what we wanted to make for din.

we stormi decided she'd make chicken and dumplings for supper. which i was pretty stoked for because in my family chicken and dumplings was a big treat that my mom rarely made.
so we headed out into the beautiful sunshine again to pick up the ingredients. but first we made a pit stop at the winery to try out some wines to have with din.
at the tastings are $3 and so worth it. we both left with a favorite. mine was more of a sparkling wine [my favorite] and stormi got a blush wine.
i'm not a big wine-o but both were super delish.

we got back to the house, sipped on some wine, and stormi started makin the chicken and dumplings.
she had them cooked in no time and they were fantastic seriously a real treat.

the rest of the night was spent boozing sipping wine and playing uno and other fun games.

sunday i took it easy. woke up late and headed back to nlr even later. time was not my enemy. i didn't have a care in the world. piper was too happy to have me back. we snack on candy and watched movies for the rest of the evening. i say it was a pretty damn good weekend.

did you have a wonderful weekend?

before i "sign off" i wanted to do a little project update recap.
the goal was: do one project and blog about it once a week.
so that would mean..i need to accomplish 52 projects this year. how many projects have i completed so far?
that's a good question.
let's see the first project i did and blogged about was the gift for my co-worker.
then on valentine's day i showed off two projects.
then this past monday i showed yall a wreath i made for a baby shower i helped host.
hmm wow i've done 4 outta 52. damn i'm makin progress [insert sarcasm here]
well i have a couple of projects i can quite possible blog about this week. a girl can only hope right.
gameday projects and decorating projects might have to be thrown into the mix for good measure..or to just gain me more project points.

until next time this is jessica signing off

"you didn't puke one me. i remember that you.....i avoided it. it whizzed right by me, and i said, "stay away from me," ya know."
[super bad]


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Chinese buffet sounds amazing right about now...

  2. Looks like a great weekend, and YUM wine!

  3. What a fun filled weekend! That Chinese food looks so yummy! Hope you have a great week :)

    Kini Style & The Klury Report