Monday, February 20, 2012

C is for Charlie...and Cupcakes!

well hello there friends.
let me just say i had a pretty fantabulous weekend. i think it was fantabulous because a. i wasn't lazy alll weekend. and b. the weather was pretty nice.
i did lots of different things this weekend...i did two projects, made cupcakes, worked at gameday, hosted a baby shower, did some much needed laundry, watched eleven movies, and spent some quality time with my roommate.
what did you do this weekend?

like i said. i helped host a baby shower at my momma's house on sunday afternoon.
molly [the baby baker] and i have gone to church together for like forevs. we've gone on several mission trips together and in high school we had the same after school job working as cashiers for my mom's purse boutique. when we worked together we sat around and played uno while jamming to ludacris in between customers. ahhhhh memories.

so molly and her hubby matt are having their first child in march..probably just a couple of days after my birthday. their little one is gonna be a little baby boy...charlie. aww so cute.

i was put in charge of doing a wreath for the front door and 2 dozen cupcakes. on friday i showed you guys some inspiration for the cuppycakes. they didn't come out exactly like the pic...but honestly i thought mines were better.

before i get on to the cupcakes and shower pics..i wanted to show ya the wreath i made. molly is doing a dinosaur theme for charlie's nursery so i went with that theme for the wreath. i only have one picture but i'll break down all of the supplies.

ribbon was on sale for 50% off and i got atleast 5 different kinds ranging all different prices.
the dino wood figrits were .67 cents each and the wooden C was $2.97
the yarn was like $3.99 and you can get the wood wreaths for around five bucks.
such an easy craft.

i woke up around 9 or so to start making the cupcakes. i wanted them to be fresh and not taste like i made them the night before.

make the batter. just follow the easy instructions on the back of cake mix. duh.

i poured the mix into my measuring cup since i don't have "proper" mixing bowls...helps pour a little more easily.

i love that electric blue icing.

yep. they was a hit.

now for some pics from the shower.
i was in love. i mean in love with what i wore. i know..obsessive much? but i got this cute little dress from target and this is the first time i gots to wear it.

dress and cardigan are from target.
belt and shoes are from kohl's.
where would i be without those two stores?

annnnddd moving on to the party........
molly's sister in law made this out of diapers. so creative.

the cutest and only guy at the party was little e.
my sister had him's dressed up in the cutest little outfit.
i swear boy is still just the cutest even when he is fussy.
he told me yesterday that i'm his favorite.

and one of my absolute favorite parts about the getting to spend 24/7 with this little afternoon delight.
i could give a thousand eskimo kisses to that little nose. that is..if she would let me.

"don't you usually get that stuff at a baby shower? cause my stepmom, she was pregnant with my little sister and she got a million gifts, ya know? but i wasn't jealous, cause they we are all suuuper lame."


  1. You look soooo cute, and your cupcakes look like yum!

  2. the baby shower looks great! i love the electric blue icing, too! and super cute outfit.

  3. Love your outfit- totally cute! And those cupcakes look delish! Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend!

  4. Those cupcakes make me think of the Cookie Monster! So cute. Love the dress, too! I think I even tried that one on...I always wait to see if they go on sale. Can't beat a bargain on top of a bargain ;)

  5. yum! good looking cupcakes! & I love your dress too :)

  6. Those cupcakes look like they were professionally made! They're awesome. Looks like a fun time. Thank-you so much for the FB to go lol.

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