Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blazin Blazin Blazer

whew. let me tell ya this week has gotten so busy. i've been running around like roadrunner. but that's how i like it. i got all these wonderful fun things coming in for gameday. [i've already snagged a couple for myself] plus i got some big plans of where i'm going to put it all. i cannot wait to show yall!
tomorrow i have the razorback signing at the convention center in little rock. my pops and i [possibly my bro-n-law] will go and sell razorback hats, shirts, and footballs to all the crazy razorback fans.
team members and coaches will be there to give out john hancocks, there will be a dinner, and lots and lots of fellas in good lookin suits.

speaking of suits...
blazers are so in right now.
i have several on pinterest that i want. i want.
and when i saw this little numba on that site i wanted to re-create the outfit.
i love the simple sweet white dress with that sharp pink blazer. love it.

so after my homegirl, katie suggested i check out blazers at forever i went and browsed their thousands of wonderful colorful blazers.
i found several i liked..and even a couple i loved and dont think i can live without. the one i picked out to re-create this outfit is among the several i picked.

i think any of these would look great with a crisp white spring dress.
which one would you choose?

and just because i are a couple of my blazer pins.

[i want a feathered skirt!!]

would you wear a blazer?
two more days till friiiiiday!

"ugh!! now i'm gonna have to pick that risotto up off the ground to eat it."
[date night]


  1. I love that hot pink blazer! I don't know if I can pull off a blazer but I might just need to try after I pop this baby out ;)

  2. Love love love the pink blazer. They're all great, but that one is ADORABLE!

  3. I'm old enough to have lived through that phase in the mid- to late-80s, and early 90s, during which blazers were the thing to have in your wardrobe. With ridiculously over-sized shoulders and shoulder pads, they made every woman look like a linebacker. Eek! :-)

    Your pins, on the other hand, actually show blazers that fit - even at the shoulder. What a concept. ;-)

  4. The first one - the linen blend bright pink one! Buy it! Do it! NOW!

  5. I love that white dress pink sweater combo! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. love all the blazers! so presh! i just started following you :)

    with love,

    follow me @

  7. I have that first picture on my "style i looooove" board too! Blazers make the world go round.

    Love the blog!

  8. I want a blazer so bad!
    I'm just afraid it'll look weird since I'm so short haha!

    Maybe I'll buy one and find out!
    Cute pins :)


  9. Ohhh, the last one definitely! Razorback red :)

  10. Blazers are awesome! My favorites are the one you pinned, the hot pink, and the red one. Your newest follower!

  11. I love love love blazers :) I need to get to forever 21 pronto!

  12. I really love blazers, I just haven't found the perfect one yet. but I know it's out there some where!!

  13. I love those blazers! Especially the first one with the bright pink blazer!!