Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tatted Up!

meet virgina my tattoo. yep you saw that correctly..it's a skull and crossbones with heart eyes. when i went to get this tattoo one week in december of 2008 i had no clue i would walk outta there with a pretty large and in charge tattoo on my leg.

my bff and i had just got back from LR where we had done a ton of shopping. and we decided to stop at a tat shop on the way home..with absolutely no intention on getting anything. [that's always how it is, right]
well after some talkin we decided WHY NOT?
stormi decided to get a domino with her birthdate (2/2) on her lower pelvic area.
and me miss indecisive decided on a small peace sign on my ankle.

stormi: "do you really want a peace sign on your ankle for the rest of your life??"
me: "hmmm maybe"
stormi: "well you better think more than maybe."

so last minute while stormi was getting hers done i asked matt (my tattoo artist) to draw me up a girly skull and crossbones...
i am telling you every single one he drew was way too freaking girly. i still wanted it to be badass. not lame.
so i picked one out of a book for him to go off of..told him to trash the hairbow and make the eyes into hearts.

and what he drew next was what i fell in love with.
he put it on my leg. and it was a lot bigger than the small peace sign i originally planned on getting.
but i said go for it!!
and let me tell you people..
but was totally worth it!

my mom was heartbroken. my siblings..totally jealous. and my dad was pretty disappointed.
but i didn't care.
this tattoo is me to a capital T

[my mom and pops did eventually get over it]

yea i have a hard shell to break..i act tough and show no fear but if you look deep inside..through my heart shaped eyes, you will see that i am really sensitive, caring, and i show love till the very very end.

well that's one of my tattoos.
do i plan on getting more?

up first i would like a wrist tattoo.
i wanna get the quote "be kind" in my mother's handwriting. a saying she has said over the years constantly to my siblings and i.

on the top of my foot i wanna get my family's business logo.
it's a half sunshine. i just want the outline though.

i wanna tattoo the word "persevere" on my ribcage.

and then a couple of random things i wanna get:

also i wanna specific artist (a tenant of mine) to do this one i want on my back.

and lastly my most recent one i've thought of...
but instead of "free yourself" it will just say "fly away" with the feather drawn after the last y..
i have no clue where i want this one at on my body though..
i've always liked this spot:

do you have any tattoos?
where will your next one be at?

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

" i know they're on you. you sounded like a damn maraca coming through the door."
[the fighter]


  1. I don't have any tattoos yet, but I want one! I just can't decide what to get forever... Probably words, but it has to mean something.

    Your little skull is adorable.

  2. Hello:)
    Over here from the link up!
    I love your tattoo and definitely love the ideas for wrist and foot tattoos!

  3. so cool - I don't have any tatts but thats just because I'm a wimp and extremely fickle... maybe with time but for now I'll live vicariously through you ;)

  4. Love your tattoo - it's super cute and badass all at once. :) And I really really like the "next up"'s you listed.

    AND ALSO...the quote at the bottom! That's from that movie...um....oh gah, we watched it last week. I can't remember if we PPV watched it or just saw it on TV. Um.....the one about the two brothers fighting and the dad trained one and the other one was a teacher. OH GAH...what was it? MOTHER_FATHER (also, a great line.) Haha

  5. love your tasteee!! i have 7... the next will be on my wrist saying "que sera, sera". :)

  6. What a fiesty lil tattoo! Love the heels. And I love the ones you are wanting to get! <3

  7. ok so I love the skull and crossbone, seriously, I used to totally be obsessed with that forever, so I love it! and I am totally loving all the new ideas that you have for a new one. Let me know when/if you end up getting it! Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. Haha I was going to ask if it hurt! Looks AWESOME though! And love the meaning behind it...and all your other ones! I got as far as getting into the tattoo parlor with my design, but once I saw how much pain my friend was in getting touched up, I couldn't go through with it...wish I was ballsier like you!

  9. Love yours!! And the ideas are amazing too! My parents were not pleased with mine either. Meh!

  10. I love your tattoo! Not many women can pull a skull off, and you make it loop super cute.

    Pinterest is a horrible idea for looking for new tattoos, because it's makes you want to get one of each that you see. ;) Pinterest is where I found my newest tattoo, and I plan on going back and looking for another!! I love that tattoos you found too!

  11. Hehe you are going to be COVERED in tats soon! I love the picture you did with the leopard shoes...you should have that professionally done. That could be a SICK photo!

  12. I have two. One is a horseshoe with a heart in the center on my right shoulder blade. The second I just got a couple months ago - it's a dog pawprint with a heart in the center of the paw pad. It's on the left side of my left foot. I love how they tie together and both represent things I absolutely love. I don't think I will get any more, but that's what I said after the first one, so I guess never say never.

  13. love your tattoo ideas! I want a rib cage/back tattoo... just not sure I'm up for it yet! i've got one on the back of my shoulder & that's enough for now. :)

    thanks for sharing!