Wednesday, January 11, 2012

nothin can STOP me now

chello friends and family!
i thought i would write a quick post before i go out and clean two rent houses. yep i said two..and one of em is four bedrooms. ugh! oh well it gets me outta the office for a minute, right.

sooo i have a couple of things that i am just lovin.

i've been in a really great place in my life.
i've been extremely happy and life is sooooo good.
am i right? or am i right?

i've started my new year's resolutions off right with a BANG and i know it's only the second week of january but for me that is already an accomplishment.
you see, i am a bit of big procrastinator. always waiting till the last minute. always saying, "i'll get to that tomorrow." always telling myself i'll do that "next time."
just never following through.
and i refuse to be like that this year.
so who's with me?

[check out my new year's resolutions here]

one of those resolutions was to wear heels a bit more often.
i got some heels recently from kohls that i wore for new year's
i was if-y about them at first because they are pretty tall but i've worn them out on the town a couple of times now and they're actually pretty comfortable.
comfortable for heels anyway.

lovin them.

i also got me some mustard color yellow tights at target recently and i've been dying to get to wear them somewhere. well for church on sunday i busted those bad boys out.

i got that leopard print dress from forever last winter and i absolutely love it!

like i said i went out on the town last weekend.
my girls and i hit up our favorite spot, DEEP. or willy d's whatevs.
just a club under a piano bar. it's always so much fun especially since we always get free drinks.
and it's not just because we were celebrating are un-birthdays.
it's mainly because we are regulars.
like at our favorite karaoke spot we sometimes get real glasses why others get small plastic ones.
hey that's how we roll

dontcha just love crazy shananigans with your best friends?
i sure do.

[after our hogs won the cotton bowl]

ok ok ok a couple of more and then i am done. i swear!

well we all know i'm in love with instagram.
it allows me to take pics and make them look awesome.

lets me capture how cute kittens really can be.

oh and of course the best part.
it lets me see picture after picture of the sweetest little baby boy in the world.

look at that sweet wittle face.

are you addicted to instagram?
i love it lots and lots. possibly my favorite app.
follow me.. j___jenkins (3 underscores)

happy wednesday
yall come back now ya hear.

"well we mean to, but when we leave, and then we come back and it's already cleaned up."
[that 70s show]


  1. I am SO with you! This is the year for change!

    I love your kitties.

    I've never used instagram... What exactly do you do with it?

  2. Glad your year is good so far!