Friday, January 20, 2012

My new FAV Actress

well peeps i am headed to THE BIG D [what what!] right nizow to the dallas market to shop for new razorback stuff for the new season. i'm headed there now with my parents and i have actually been looking forward to the trip. i am not a big fan of working on the weekends but i guess i'll make an exception since i will actually be shopping!
hoping to get lots of fun new goodies for gameday, eat some good food, and have some fun with the rents.

i would much rather shop than sell.


so last thursday i went with my homie, amy, to the good ole expensive movie theater rave to see..
we bought a zoo!!
oh my world you guys i laughed, i cried..i'm telling you it was so. good.
SUPER CHEESY but still very very good.

i can't tell ya how many times i teared up during this film. too many thats for sure. but just tears of ugly crying like i did in dolphin tale if yall get a chance to see this movie in the theater then GO! you will not be disappointed.

but one main reason that made this film absolutely awesome was the amazing actress..
maggie elizabeth jones.
[we got the same middle name]
oh my lanta people this little girl can ACT! from the little cutsie giggles down the the terrified screams all the way to the sweet advice..this little girl is the next BIG THANG!
and she is only seven years old. say what! say what!
yea guys this little one is too cute for words.

while watching we bought a zoo i was thinking this little one looks so familiar...what else has she been in?
so i did a little research and turns out she was in a film just recently. a film i had just seen a the fifty cent movie my kinda movie with cameron.

hate all you want but this movie was the shiz!
i LOVED every moment of it. the dude was hot the dance moves were hotter! what else could you want in a movie?

and little miss maggie elizabeth jones has a part in the film, too.
another little sister part.
she actually got to act alongside award winning actor, dennis quaid.

all i'm saying is get ready world because this little cute upside down cupcake is going to be in lights a lot more!

[screaming at the creepy snakes in the movie we bought a zoo]

go out and see we bought a zoo this weekend!!

i mean matty d, scar-jo, thomas hayden church, maggie elizabeth jones, and exotic animals all rolled into one movie has to be pretty freaking awesome, right?!
plus you get to meet see this sweet face

do you love maggie elizabeth jones?

"oh that meat lover's pizza is not loving me back at all."


  1. I have heard AMAZING things about We Bought A Zoo! I loved Footloose, the thing that sucks about it is the fact that it doesn't come to DVD til March, which I am just not okay with it!