Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing..Mark Kassen

let me be honest with you guys. i love movies. yes. l-o-v-e love.
and i tend to talk about movies all the time. i'm sorry but i can't help it. i'm always telling folks (even random strangers) what movies they should check out.
the latest two movies i've been telling people they must see are:


so. good.
but these two movies aren't the reason i wanted to post today.
this movies is:

yea this movie is based on a true story; which makes it even more cray cray!
chris evans plays a cracked out lawyer trying to sue hospitals for not buying safety needles for nurse's use.
anyways. chris evans' character has a law partner in crime who i have never seen before...

meet...mark kassen.

pretty cute, right?
i immediately fell for him in the movie. so i went to my trusty IMDb app and searched who this hottie was. he as only been in a handful of films..ones that i haven't even heard of. he is also a producer for a couple of films, too.

don't worry my love for eddie is still there..

but i needed to do a little more research on this mark kassen kid.
so i went to my trusty friend google. i typed in his name to see more photos but google must be confused. because it showed a couple of pic of him but most of them were of chris evans.
obvi i had typed in 'mark kassen' not that evans character...

but basically what i'm getting at is..i wanna see more of this guy!

have you heard of mark kassen?
[cause i dont think google has.]

"i knew his father. he ran off with my second cousin. when i say ran off, he was in a wheelchair, the old i guess he wheeled off."
[the guard]


  1. Mark Kassen and Eddie Cahill are both very easy on the eyes (:

  2. How am I just now following your blog? Totally obsessed. this post is FABULOUS. xo
    Small town girl turned LA local.

  3. You've got great tastes in men! I've never heard of Mark before but he's a hottie! I'm a total movie girl too. I wish I had more time to devote to 100% movie watching. Sadly, I don't!