Monday, January 9, 2012

I am TOTALLY NOT good at NOT spending money...

first and formost, i would like to introduce yall to my new little nephew, elliott.
he was born last thursday @ 6 o clock sharp. weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds 11 ounces and measuring in at a length of 20 and 1/4 inches. ohhhh and he is oh so handsome, sweet, and one little cutie..and i'm not just saying that because i'm his favorite aunt.

i seriously CANNOT wait to see him and hold him again.
although i have only known this little guy for five days now i can already tell i am so much in love.

guess what i did this weekend? yep i spent money...
was it useless spending? i don't know..i mean i NEED makeup, right?

saturday afternoont after getting over my hangover i went to park plaza for a little shopping.
i hit up sephora with my gift card i got from my mom santa for christmas.
did i go a little crazy? maybe. do i feel guilty with my purchases? not. at. all.

5. NARS lipgloss in stella

i told you guys i went crazy. needless to say i didn't do anymore shopping after leaving sephora.
and i may or may not have washed my face when i got home and re-applied all my makeup using my new products.

i'm a little obsessive about finding the right products that work the best with my face.
i have super sensitive skin. and, yeah, my dermatologist and i are pretty close.

here's my makeup rountine:
starting with my face.

i'm pretty sure my moisturizer is for the black girls but i like it cause it makes my skin super smooth.
and i love my jemma kidd foundation. it goes on so smoothly and smells like baby powder..not paint.

i use two different kinds of blush:
dontcha just love blush?
i don't know why more people don't wear it.
makes me feel pretty.

and for my eyez:
i swear i look like i'm in the second grade without eyeliner.

i prefer to use golds and browns for my eyeshadowing.
they look the best with my cocoa brown eyes.

and when i do wear mascara i pick from one of these two lil fellas:
i confess i'm not much of a mascara fan. i have super long eyelashes so when they're clumped with mascara i feel as if it just weighs my little eyeballz down.
me no likey.

and as for lips..i hardly ever ever wear lipgloss.
i usually just smear on some chapstick.
but i do love nars' lipgloss because it isn't at all sticky like others.
and i try not to splurge on lipgloss cause it never fails i always lose it!
if i do wear lipgloss it has to be close to the same shade as my lips.
i don't do bright reds and i can't stand soft pink.

another item i usually splurge on is...NAIL POLISH.
i love oh pee eye.
i will wear soft pink nail polish. got this little number at kroger.
hoping to put this mug on my toes sometime this week.

what beauty products do you splurge on?

i also picked up this little guy this weekend:
maybe i can actually start getting my bills out on time.
hey..i said maybe.

"two hot firemen in a bar. this is just like that play i wrote."
[that 70s show]


  1. Oooh Nars. It gets me every single time. Congrats on the new nephew!

  2. Congratulations on your new nephew! He is beautiful. I really love that OPI color. It is the perfect shade of pink.


  3. I'm the same way when it comes to photos sometimes! When I'm lazy I use my blackberry! haha! otherwise my canon is my best friend!


  4. I like how you mix high and low end. There are some amazing drugstore finds out there!

  5. Ha! I need to organize my bills too! Maybe then I'd pay them on time.

    I'm terrible with money, but working on getting better at it! :) I'm in super saver mode!

  6. there is nothing wrong with your face hun! you are a beautiful woman! thank you for the comment

  7. ok so much good stuff in this post. First of all, is that for real?? Does your sister or SIL really have hair that perfecto after giving birth???? Mine doesn't even look like that and i did not just push a watermelon out of my down town.

    Anywho ...

    You neeeddddd to try elf cream eyeliner. It will change your life. Or Ulta Automatic eyeliner. Both are my faves and I can't live without them.