Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cheers to the freaking new year. i'll drink to that

hey yo!! 2012!!
i cannot believe you are already here.
time flies when you're older having fun.

what does 2012 bring for this landlady?
more tenants.

i always make a new year's resolution list. i've been thinking long and hard on these and i would like to make goals that i will reach. goals that i know i can accomplish.
last year i made a long list of things i never went through with. a lot of the time i start something but never finish it. like school the five books i've started but have yet to finish. or starting strong and then eventually giving up altogether.
i dont want to do that this year.
that's why i am starting with goals i know i can accomplish.

i'm hoping to share this week the goals that i have thought long and hard about.
goals that i really hope to reach in the year 2012.

i'm almost done with this little challenge.
i hope you've learned a little bit more about me.

two songs.
it took me a long time to figure out which songs i wanted to choose.
just two? that's kinda hard, right?
but here they is...

white flag by the gorillaz.
my most favorite song in the entire world.


ghetto world by jacki-o.
she's my favorite rapper.
 she's very strong and independent and doesn't take shiz from anybody.
she ain't scurred.
and no i'm not addicted to a ghetto world...her lyrics are just on point.

there ya have two songs!
if you're in the market for some new tunes download the gorillaz' plastic beach.

on to my new years party pics.
yes, i did have a good time.
yes, i kept repeating happy new years to every poor sap who got in my way.
yes, i danced like nobody was watching.
yes, i took my shoes off everytime i snuck away to the bathroom.
yes, i paid way too much for a crappy stirred not shaken margarita.
yes, i drank the rest of a friend's ketel one and replaced it with water.
yes, i dodged, dipped, and dived away from several people i went to high school with.
but i had a marvelous time bringing in the new year with my bestfriends!

what i wore:

my outfit might've been my favorite part.

the group.
minue the fellas.

quick story:
they gave out these glasses that lit up. and i'm telling you, i could not see with them on to save my life.
but i wore them anyways.
some girl i won't name any names lauren quick (a girl my sister's age) came up to me while i was wearing them and asked me if i was "kat's little sister" (that's my other name, btw) and i had no clue who she was.
so..i wearing my snazzy glasses got right up in her face and said, "whoooo arrrre yooouu" in the voice of the caterpillar from alice in wonderland. and she snarled until i said "OH you're lauren quick so and so!" and gave her a slight punch in the arm. she then pointed at a tall fella to the right and said, "and THIS is my husband" i gave him a friendly smile, said "nice to meet ya" and went back to my age group group of friends.
and she just stood there staring at me.
finally she walked away. but wow what did i do to her to get her in such a tissy...
i mean i'm pretty sure her poor husband was one of the saps i was yelling happy new years to but i mean damn it was a new years party..

so in the words of cameron lively.."some girls are just ghetto."
words of wisdom, right there. words of wisdom.

what did you do for new years?

"you an adult? you had a lunchables for dinner last night."
[30 minutes or less]


  1. You look so cute! :) Love it!

    I agree, make goals that are reasonable. I think everyone gets too discouraged because they set these hefty goals.