Friday, December 2, 2011

what are you most scared of?

did you think i forgot about this? i promise i havent. i just couldn't hold my christmas excitement in.
i L-O-V-E christmas!

today is 8 fears.
i put my fears into three catergories:
1. makes me nervous.
2. creepy
3. scares the eff outta me!!

 i do not like to cook. would if i burn the house down? there's so many things that could go wrong.
trains. train tracks. the whole train shabang. when i was in the 3rd grade we watched a documentary on how dangerous trains was a little graphic..pretty sure that film scarred me for life.


i mean lets be for real. these things are total creeps. like give-me-the-chills-and-make-me-throw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little-bit kinda creepy.

these things literally scare me to death.
i shake. my teeth chatter. and they cause me nightmares.
so i'm not the strongest swimmer. one of my biggest fears is someone pushing me in water and me not being able to anything about it. pretty sure drowning would be the worst way to die. in my book. course i've never been shot or set on fire so i don't know for sure.
and tornados come on..i think everyone is afraid of these bustas.
and the movie, the killer inside me. scariest. movie. ever. i still have nightmares about this film. it is awful.
DO NOT watch it unless you can really handle it. lawd i have got to stop talking about it..

--alrighty those are my biggest fears--
seriously dont see that movie.


annnd to move on to more happier things.
i know i posted a christmas wishlist here buutt lets forget that list (mom) and look at the real list.
it's just i've changed my mind, bought some of that stuff, found something know that was just a rough draft.

ok friends and family here is my true christmas list:
(not to be changed or adjusted anymore)

these would be great to put in my stocking!

lots and lots of goodies to choose from.
i am getting so excited for christmas. not just because of the presents but the celebration of the birth of jesus, family time, traditions, pretty lights, caroloke, and plenty more.

what are you wanting for christmas?

alrighty friends i just got done with my second christmas decorating job. i'll post all about both of them next week.
i still have a couple of my own decorations to do this weekend. like all my outside stuff. and i have an art project i am finishing so i can post alllllll about it next week.

ok yaalll have a good weekend, stay safe, and decorate a tree!

"atlanta!? i know a little about it from rap music, and it sounds like a messed up place."
[30 minutes or less]


  1. Um, you pretty much named all of my biggest fears! Except for that movie, because I haven't seen it (nor will I!).

  2. I love new Opi Muppets collection. It's just so awesome!

    and, yeah... got most of my fears. except the cooking part. cooking's one of my favorite things to do. :)

  3. I love your blog! I started mine last month and decided I would check out some others.
    I got hit by a tornado in April! I understand all of your fears completely.
    I'm at