Wednesday, December 7, 2011

well what do ya know? there is snow on the ground.

wow!! this week has been so stinkin dinkin busy! i have so many vacant houses and landlady responsibilities that i've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. fine by me because that just makes the day go by faster.

so did you guys know it snowed!?
cause i totally did not! not until this morning when i got a text from my momma telling me to be careful on the roads going to work.
i was super surprised. i just really really hope it doesn't snow anymore. i'm not much of a snow fan. 

 i am getting closer and closer to finishing this challenge. it's been lotta fun so far.
today's challenge: SEVEN WANTS
these wants are totally random. i repeat totally random.
i'm not even exactly sure how i came up with this list. there are so many things i want. it was a little hard narrowing it down to just seven. but i did so here they are:

:seven things i want at some point in my life:

[number one]
there are so many places i wanna see. i wanna swim wade in all the oceans. visit the rain forest. go on a safari tour through africa. road trip across the u.s.a. eat real italian spaghetti. walk across the great wall of china. visit museums. explore the carribbean. and so much more.

[number two]
don't get me wrong. i looovvveeee my house. i love my neighborhood. my backyard. and everything in between. but i dont know what it is about a condo with a view as far as the eye can see. i look at condos on pinterest all. the. time.
i love them. i swoon. i awwwww. i adore.

[number three]
a MASSIVE closet with wardrobe included.
just like condos i've always had a thing for large walk in closets.
if i had a closet like any of these i doubt i would ever leave it. i would probably just play dress up all day long.

[number four]
one office makeover to go, please!
i mean i spend a ton of time in my office. wouldn't it be great if it was sparkly, crisp, and fun like these.
i might even make it to work on time.

[number five]
i really have been wanting to get back into photography. i absolutely love my instagram and editing my photos for the blog. i took a photog class once and really enjoyed it. and i used to be a photographer for the north little rock special school district. yep thats right i used to take lil chillrens school pictures. it was fun i liked it! until i got fired for being super cool
i have really been thinking about saving up to get a better camera. ye ole iphone just aint cuttin it no more.

[number six and number seven]
these two things are just silly but i still would die (in a good way) if i ever got to have one!
yep i totally went there.

those are my wants.
nothing special.
one day. one day my friends.

well if yall also didn't know i had my first and second florist decorating job come and go. they both went very very very well. my momma and i were a team. we went to a lady's house and decorated her front entrance for christmas. then last friday we went to verizon wireless' office buildings and did their decorating for christmas, too!
here's what we did..

mom putting the decor up around the client's door.

mom decorating the two lantern's on the front porch.

i cant get over how GREAT the lights turnt out!

first job=SUCCESS!

second job was verizon.
i had driven by the verizon office building several times after leaving the club on saturday night but i always thought it was a hospital. nope. all five..yes i said five building are for verizon wireless. seriously i have no clue on earth what alll 20,548 employees do there but yea lets just say this place is quite huge. and the security is TOP NOTCH. every one has name badges that scan and i kid you not you have to go through three scan stations before you can even enter the building. like seriously who wants to bomb a phone company? and really do they need that many employees. need a job? i'm sure they have one for ya at verizon as head of the floor scuff removal crew or something like that. sheesh.
we had a 15 ft tree, 2 kwanzaa tables, 2 jew tables, and another 8 ft tree.
(sorry but i unfortunately didn't get a pic of the chanukkah tables)

i had to read up on my kwanzaa knowledge in order to get the table to be politically correct just right.
i've never had to decorate a 15 foot tree. now that i have the experience i hope i getta do more.

hmmm i wonder what job we'll go on next?

"whats wrong with me? i dont want to wake up in 20 years and realize that i havent harrassed enough grouchy old men."
[that 70s show]


  1. All those decorations are sooo pretty! I'm loving it!

    Maybe we should add each other on Facebook, are we good enough blog friends now? :P

  2. Wait - you got snow!? So unfair. They've said it was going to snow here - twice - and it NEVER DID. Boo.