Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh alloy, why did ya do that to your homegirl?

ya know some things are just unfortunate. just freakin unfortunate.
you see..yesterday i found the most perfect dress. luckily i didn't order just yet because i wanted to wait till payday. well i got on that site again this morning, ya know to browse..and i noticed i still had one item in my "shopping bag" well i clicked on it and it told me..."this item available 12/29/2011." what?! that's just two days away from new years eve! i can't chance that. plus i kinda wanted to get my dress in soon so i could shop around for the perfect wedges.

that's when i sadly knew i was back to the drawing board.

i just decided to narrow down my search.
so i went to my trusty friend, google, for help.

i typed in..."$50.00 gold sequin dress" and it took me to the same ole sites. macy's, zappos, dillards..the same sites that i had no luck on yesterday.
sooo i went back to google and typed in..."60.00 gold sequin dress"
and some different sites actually came up. first was an ebay site. it actually had several dresses i liked but hardly no smalls and none in my price range. oh they even had my my dress but only in an extra large.
went back to google and clicked on a site i've never heard of.
bing bing bing bing!!!
this was the site. i saw several dresses i looovveed including the second one i fell for.
introducing my new favorite site. they have so much great stuff!

have any of you's heard of this?
i've seen several shirts that i wouldn't mind having in my closet.

i typed in gold sequin dresses and it took me to several ones i loved.
and like i said i found the one! i just went ahead and purchased (just in case) said dress and it should arrive at my front door on the 23rd! that's more like it.

i'm actually pretty crunk about the one sleeve. i love that style.
and although it is a little bit more expensive then the one from alloy i think it is going to be absoutely amazing.
now i can't wait to get it in and find me some shoes!

okay. so. i dont know about any of you's guys but my office has been full of goodies goodies galore. it's reeedic. the amount of snacks we have going on is not gonna be good when i'm tryin to fit in an itsy bitsy dress like the one above. lunch was provided by my partner in crime the employee of the year, yesterday. today, someone provided bar-b-q. and not to mention are kitchen counter is filled with cakes, cookies, brownies, candy, and chips. the fridge has three..yes i said three cakes in it and i'm pretty sure my belly is about to bust.

me+christmas snacks=unbuttoned jeans.

and it's only tuesday...

remember this?
i'm allllllllmost done!

i've been known to be quite the reader. i love books that i can get completely lost in. i am a big fan of series and i've read quite of few. this year my new year's resolution was to read 25 books..i've only read 11. oops!
i got distracted.
i guess i'll lower that goal in 2012 to 15 books..i think i can accomplish that.
so here's four of my favorites.


this book was written and set in the alcott home, orchard house, in concord massachusetts. the novel follows the lives of four sisters-jo, meg, beth, and amy.
i love this story. it beautifully written.
so many amazing adventures and it really makes me want to live back in that time period.
(and the movies is one of my favs)
i love watching it on christmas eve.


this is a novel by american author, arthur golden. the book was published in 1997.
it's a fictional story about a geisha working in kyoto, japan before and after world war II.
this book is my favorite.
i remember it took me like 2 days to read. the story is just extraordinary. it's very detailed (more than the movie) and it really tells the tale of a young girl who grew up to be an amazing woman.

since a horrible accident took the lives of her family, 16 year old ever can see auras, hear people's thoughts, and know a person's life story by touch. going out of her way to avoid human contact she is branded a 'freak' at her new high school. but every thing changes when she meets damen.
damen always seems to know what she is thinking and is the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head. she doesn't know who he really is--he belongs to an enchanted new world where no one dies.
this book is absolutely wonderful. amazing. and down right nail biting good.
when i wasn't reading i was thinking about how i could sneak away to read more. i could not put it down. i dreamt about this book. the series is a definite read. i actually am a little behind.
can you tell i love this book?

bounty hunter, stephanie plum and trenton vice cop, jow morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer, alexander ramos. carlos manoso, street name, ranger (stephanie's mentor) is caught on video just minutes before the crime occurs. now she's the hunter and he's the hunted..and it's time for her to test her skills against the master. but if she does catch him than what? can she bring herself to turn him in?
okay. have any of yall read janet evanovich's stephanie plum series? hiigh-laire-e-us!
just delightfully funny. i literally catch myself laughing out loud at times.
looking for an easy book to read..this series is it! and you dont even have to go in order. it's a different story every book and she always has the first chapter update you on the characters. this book is one of my favs outta the series. i read it in a day.
 stephanie plum reminds me a lot of myself. hey we even carry the same gun when hers isn't hidden in her cookie jar at home..not that i carry mine around either.

i swear i am thinking about reading evermore again. that book was so. good.
do you have a favorite book series?

okay so who is done with all their christmas shopping?
not this girl!
i really am hoping to finish it all up today. all i have left are the boys. the hardest ones to shop for.i'm really hoping i can get the rest of theirs at one store. ha!

i did a little bot of christmas wrapping last night. this year i wanted to find some funky wrapping paper to use. and i did. hobby lobby had their wrapping paper $7.99 with 50% off. score!
so i found a funky green and a funk red.

luckily with my job i have access to free boxes in all different sizes.

im actually pretty sure she loves christmas more than i do.

here's the fun little figrits i got at the dirty santa bunko party. i just love that tree.

what with it getting colder outside piper has become a little snuggle monster.
i love it.

someone posted these "stockings" on their facebook the other day. can we say tacky?
they're definitely not my style..i could see my lil bro having these hung by his fireplace one day.

we got 5 more days till christmas.
are you crunk for christmas?

"this isn't the marines. if you hesitate, if you mess around, i will leave you behind."


  1. Nothing better than a good, gold sequined dress for the holidays :)

  2. i had to get everything done early since my bro is getting married xmas eve. yikes