Thursday, December 15, 2011

im a christmas caroling fool

chello ladies and gents. gonna do one last update before the weekend.

today is five foods. mmm food. yummy.
this part of the challenge was pretty easy. not as hard as coming up with 10 movies

ok here's five foods that this lady couldn't live without.

i'm almost positive i could eat fried rice every day.

cucumbers, lettuce, tomatos, pickles, and olives please!

with everything on it. exnay on the mustard. and dripping with sandwich juice.

"and in the morning i'm makin WAFFLES!"

pretty crunk i getta have this favorite for lunch today!

ok now i wanna have a big juicy five guys burger with some fried rice on the side and waffles for dessert.
what's your favorite food? or meal?

well i haven't been watching very many movies as of late. but i have recently seena few i think yall should check out. some funny ones fo sho. liiiike:

all of these are really good so if you're lookin for a movie to watch ova the weekend just go and rent one of these bad boyz. so worth it.

well have any of you's done any christmas shopping?
i have not. eek! i know know i am so behind and it never fails i wait till the last minute to do everything. hints why i was never good at school. i have gots to get on the ball with my christmas shopping. or i am going to be running around with all the other fools on christmas eve trying to find a good present when ya know all the best ones have already been purchased.
buying for my brother, sister, and mom are always soooo easy. my bro is good with anything hunting related. my sister loves a good target bought gift and my mom falls for anything from stein mart.
which leaves my dad.
and gary, my brother in law...
i always always wait till the very last minute to get their gifts cause i have absolutely no idea what they want.
yes i have even be guilty of going out on christmas morning and getting them a gift wrapping it in the jeep before heading to my moms.
i'm gonna really try my best not to do that this year.
is your dad as hard to shop for as mine?

i also have a couple of random photos to share.
last minute decorating, silly little pipe, and other funny pics.

before eating dinner at the union.

the little tree i have in my art room.

the christmas cards i almost sent out as a joke.

being silly at the club. i'm doing my "napoleon dynamite pose"

before hittin tha dance flo.

christmas tree i have in my kitchen.

movie reels i treated myself to with my christmas bonus.

gonna recovered with animal print fabric.

if you havent had these little fellas go out right now and buy yoself a bag!

my silly ray buckiss of a kitty playing in my wreaths.

well whew. im really hoping to get started on some shopping like yesterday today.
its just hard when you dont know what to buy...
wish me luck. or give me some ideas or something. i clearly need help.
with shopping i mean, not mentally.

head to layla's blog and check out the christmas goodies i got for her.
read about what she got me here.

"well, it's not simply bubble gum ice cream. it's frosty double bubble blastoff."
[that 70s show]


  1. I think I would eat veggie lasagna every single day if I could and it wouldn't make me as big as a house.

  2. Oh man, that is so much awesome it's hard to cover it all in a comment, but I love this post. Your cat is so cute!

    I love those pretzels.

    I haven't done any shopping yet, the Christmas was put aside for car shopping! Yeeks, I'm so nervous about only having a week to get ready!

  3. bonus points for the Shrek quote!!!
    i hope you have a great weekend and stop by sometime!

  4. Yummm waffles! Love the pics:-) Hope you had a great weekend!